Yankee Bet

Even if you’re relatively new to gambling, you will have no doubt heard the term Yankee used for betting. But it’s not always easy to understand. By understanding what a Yankee is, you will increase your chances of getting the most from your bets.

What is a Yankee bet?

The definition of a Yankee is that it is a bet that consists of 11 bets on four different selections. It consists of 6 doubles, four trebles and one fourfold. This means, that in order for you to see a return from a Yankee bet, at least two selections must win the race. Whether you will profit depends on the odds you have chosen.


The Yankee option will be presented on your betslip when you choose 4 different selections. It is in here that you include your stake. What you will notice, though, is that the stake amount and bet total will be different. That is because your stake is placed on each of the 11 individual permutations that make up a Yankee bet.

Yankee example

If you were to pick 4 different teams and add them to your bet slip at the following odds:

Team A (2.0)
Team B (3.0)
Team C (1.5)
Team D (4.0)

The Yankee would consist of 11 bets as we stated previously. These would be:

DoublesTeams A & B, Teams A & C, Teams A & D, Teams B & C, and Teams C & D
TreblesTeams A & B & C, Teams A & B & D, Teams B & C & D
FourfoldTeams A & B & C & D

As we said, you need at least two teams to win, if this happens, you will get a return. Let’s say Teams A (2.0) & B (3.0) won. This would give you a return of £60 assuming your stake was £10 per bet.

This would leave you massive down, as your total stake on the entire Yankee would be £110.

If Teams A (2.0), B (3.0) & C (1.5) won, you would win one of the trebles and 3 of the trebles. So your payout would be £90 from your treble, and £135 from the trebles, giving you a total return of £225 from your £110 stake.

Suddenly, this makes the Yankee look a very attractive prospect!

The payout for your Yankee bet can vary dependant on the odds of the selections that you choose. If you pick odds on favourites, it will not work very well, and you’re probably best off sticking to a normal accumulator.

If you’re choosing selections that have outside chances, then a Yankee can be a great option. Sometimes just 2 selections can give you a huge profit, and if all 4 wins, then it’s time to start thinking about quitting your job!