Trixie Bet

When creating bets at the bookmaker, you will often find different betting terms that make little sense. They are given strange names with no indication to what type of bet it is you’re putting on. So we’re going to clear that up for you. Starting with the Trixie bet, which is also one of the most popular ones.


Trixie Bet

What is a Trixie bet?

The goal of the Trixie is to cover yourself should your bet not go to plan. So, when you place your treble and choose the Trixie option, you will be covering three double bets and one treble bet. You are therefore looking for at least two selections in your treble to win to get a pay out. Should all three selections win, then you will be paid out on every single combination! This is for the cautious punter, where lower reliable returns are more appetising than the possibility of one big win.

How does it work?

Having this knowledge available will be a massive help when trying to beat the bookmaker. When you add three selections to your bet slip, you will notice a whole range of different boxes on your betslip, saying things like singles, doubles, trixie etc.

It is from here that you input your stake into the Trixie box. The first thing you will probably notice is that your ‘total bet’ size won’t be the same amount as your stake. This is because your stake isn’t split to cover each permutation. Instead, this bet stake is multiplied and each different permutation is counted as a separate bet.

Trixie Example

For instance, if you add the following 3 selections to your betslip – Horse 1 (5.0), Horse 2 (6.0), Horse 3 (3.0) – A trixie will give you the following combination of bets:

1st Double: Horse 1 (5.0) & Horse 2 (6.0)
2nd Double: Horse 2 (6.0) & Horse 3 (3.0)
3rd Double: Horse 1 (5.0) & Horse 3 (3.0)

Treble: Horse 1 (5.0), Horse 2 (6.0), Horse 3 (3.0).

SelectionCombination of bets
Horse 1 (5.0)Double 1: Horse 1 (5.0) & Horse 2 (6.0)
Horse 2 (6.0)Double 2: Horse 2 (6.0) & Horse 3 (3.0)
Horse 3 (3.0)Double 3: Horse 1 (5.0) & Horse 3 (3.0)

So if you input a £10 stake, your total bet size will be £40.

If Horse 1 and Horse 3 wins, but Horse 2 stumbles, then only Double 3 will win. This will give you a return of £150. So you can see how covering yourself with a trixie can be so profitable. There is nothing worse than putting on a normal treble and one selection losing.

But you need to keep in mind the prices of each selection. It’s not a worthwhile strategy if you have low odds for each of the bets. Let’s imagine the horses were prices as follows:

1st Horse – 2.0
2nd Horse – 1.8
3rd Horse – 1.8

Should only Horse 1 and Horse 2 win, your return will be £36, assuming the same £10 stake was used. This means you will be £4 down on your £40 overall Trixie stake.

Trixie Bet Tips

If betting on Horse Racing, you will also get the option of two different types of Trixie. You can bet on a ‘win only’ Trixie, or an ‘E/W’ Trixie. This will also cover the permutations for Horses placing. But typically, you only want to do this is your selections are all above the odds of 3.0.

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