Russian TV propaganda on Trump, Obama and Clinton: words breakdown


A declassified version of a US intelligence report on Russian hacking has concluded that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a campaign to influence the US presidential election with the aim of hurting Hillary Clinton’s chance of winning.

Among other things, the report claims that “Putin’s chief propagandist Dmitriy Kiselev used his flagship weekly news magazine program this fall to cast President-elect Trump as an outsider victimized by a corrupt political establishment and a faulty democratic election process that aimed to prevent his election because of his desire to work with Moscow.

Data journalists from the website (belongs to Danish data-firm Better Collective) Alexander Kostin and Eugeny Krinitsin watched 18 shows of Dmitry Kiselev aired between 04.09.16 – 15.01.17 to find out in which context Obama, Trump and Clinton were mentioned.

Results show that Trump was mentioned more than Obama and Clinton, especially before the election and in the favourable context.

  • Trump was mentioned 461 times in favourable or neutral tone before and after election
  • Obama was mentioned 158 times in negative context before and after election
  • Clinton was mentioned 245 times in negative context before and after election

Trump, Obama and Clinton. Top contextual words used together with these names by “Putin’s propagandist” Dmitry Kiselev in newsmagazine program Vesti Nedeli between 4th of September 2016 and 15th of January 2017. Total: 18 programmes.

Obama. Top 10:

  1. The worst US President
  2. Lies about not knowing about Clinton’s emails
  3. He turned on administrative resource
  4. Mucked up the words ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’
  5. Trying to poo on the doorstep of Trump’s inauguration
  6. He is a lecturer on abstract topics
  7. He wants EU to think that Russia is an enemy
  8. Selfish and pettish
  9. He is leaving earlier than Bashar al-Assad
  10. Presidency results are deplorable

Hillary Clinton. Top 10:

  1. Clinton is jealous of Melania, her funds smell bad
  2. Her clip is empty, doesn’t have a leg to stand on
  3. She received the list of debate questions in advance
  4. She treats women badly
  5. Hillary failed to become the keeper of democracy
  6. Putin’s vendetta
  7. Her enemies registered as Kremlin’s agents
  8. Afraid of being imprisoned by Trump
  9. Bill’s illegitimate son
  10. Huma Abedin — connections with Islamists, rumours that she sleeps with her

Trump. Top 10:

  1. Siberian candidate
  2. Ordinary American billionaire
  3. He outplayed Clinton intellectually
  4. Wants relationship with Russia
  5. Trump’s weapon — unpredictability
  6. He is not ideal
  7. The first twitter-president because of the press propaganda
  8. NBC is afraid to show the series about Trump after elections
  9. Russians supported Trump
  10. New president, there’ll be fewer lies

Number of times Obama, Clinton and Trump were mentioned in 18 programs Vesti Nedeli with Dmitry Kiselev. 4th of September 2016 – 15th of January 2017.

russian tv propaganda on us election - infographic


Full list of words in context of Trump

DateTrump, № of mentionsWords in context
04.09.1610Bad ratings, discriminate, humiliate
11.09.1615Surpasses Hillary, wants relationship with Russia, he can be simply killed, intelligence agencies and magnates don’t need such a president, assassination attempt on Trump
25.09.1612Trump’s colourful video, he is for poor blacks, we want to derail establishment’s agreement, Cruise backed Trump, Lichtman’s theory, predicts Trump’s victory
02.10.1610Trump won according to polls, Hillary can’t walk 5 meters to the car
09.10.1612Let it be war, but not Trump – say US media, compromising material about sexual assault on a woman, Melania talks well about her husband, Trump’s weapon — unpredictability.
16.10.1622Trump is an ordinary American billionaire, women, buttocks, Wikileaks
23.10.1633Reported electoral fraud, ghost voters, attackers, media propaganda, called NYT corrupt publication, Trump is against propaganda, he changes political system, Trump is waist-deep in dirt because of Hillary’s compromising material, Van Damme is for Trump, reporter criticises fakes against Trump
30.10.1620Trump reports fraud, tremendous scandal is brewing up, Kiselyov compares US elections with Ukraine, throw incendiaries at Trump’s headquarters, political scientist Norpoth predicts Trump’s victory, Trump is not Gore, he won’t agree with results, freaks’ rallies against Trump, Kiselyov: electoral system is tangled, may become a minority president.
06.11.1638Assange says that Trump won’t be allowed to win, Trump’s sexual assault victim withdraws the lawsuit, Trump inflicted injuries on Hillary which are incompatible with politics, Trump is partying to the full, polls dynamics is in favour of Trump, Mormon McMullin is capturing Trump’s votes in Utah. Trump himself is not ideal — tax problems, sex scandals.
13.11.1676New president, there’ll be fewer lies, Trumpocalypse, traditional values, not so black as he is painted, the world against Trump
20.11.1651Orthodox Christians in Trump’s team, why does he like Slavic women, Obama behaved in a cocky way during the meeting with Trump, hires people, who are interested in the friendship with Russia
27.11.1621Called the recount attempt fraud, Trump got advantage in many states, lambasted the press after elections, Mitt Romney calls Trump names before elections, and now everything is fine, works out a plan of combating ISIS, conducts interviews
04.12.1622NBC is afraid to show the series about Trump after elections, voters demand Hillary’s imprisonment, left the factory in the country instead of Mexico, negotiations with Taiwan, is friends with the Philippines, we won’t overthrow regimes
11.12.1611The first twitter-president because of the press propaganda, criticizes CIA, claiming CIA also said that Hussein had had nuclear weapons.
18.12.1655Siberian candidate, colour revolution in the USA, America raped by Putin, he outplayed Clinton intellectually
25.12.1617Final victory, pressure on electors, Democrats are trying to make the elections illegitimate
15.01.1730America’s moral colapse, Trump is being disgraced, Trump a-la cart, Russians supported Trump


Full list of words in context of Obama

DateObama, № of mentions Words in context
04.09.169Didn’t let Theresa May speak, Syria — Aleppo, the outgoing president
11.09.162He needs a successor-Hillary, who is now coughing
18.09.1621The worst US President, worms – parasites, wasn’t able, ovations weren’t justified, more political prisoners in the USA, administrative resource, he himself is ruling on elections, is agitating for Clinton, covers terrorists, concoctions, son of a bitch
25.09.1610Obama’s swan song, mocked Trump, lies about not knowing about Clinton’s emails, Philippines President called Obama a son of a whore
02.10.167Goodbye, Obama, presidency results are deplorable, Congress doesn’t give a hoot about Obama, Obama’s protective veto for the House of Saud
09.10.164He is leaving earlier than Bashar al-Assad, cast an early vote because he’s afraid of compromising material, his administration blames Russia for hacker attacks.
16.10.163Yugoslavia, Haag tribunal, fake news
23.10.1610Obama was stunned by Trump’s statement about non-acceptance of elections, Obama appeals to Trump to stop moaning about elections, Obama turned on administrative resource, the Philippines against Obama and the USA
30.10.164Obama cast an early vote, that’s suspicious.
06.11.163Clinton insisted on the operation in Libya, Obama was against it, is flying across the country, is agitating for Clinton
13.11.169Mucked up the words ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’
20.11.1626Europe doesn’t listen to Obama, he ordered Japan not to communicate with Russia, he has not been concentrating on anything lately. Lavrov: the term is coming to an end, he doesn’t care, Obama is eunuch, he can’t do anything, even promise, Russia is his enemy. He wants EU to think that Russia is an enemy, calms down Merkel saying that Trump is so only during the pre-election period
27.11.162Persuaded Clinton to accept election results, is preparing new sanctions on Russia in a hurry
04.12.162Criticizes Trump for the phone call to Taiwan.
11.12.162Screws over Trump, supplying arms to terrorists in Syria
18.12.169Proud, pettish
25.12.1611Trying to poo on the doorstep of rump’s inauguration, he is poisoning wells after himself, huge national debt, worse than Bush, black period in the USA
15.01.1724Shameful war in Syria, fake news, mass media degradation, lecturer on abstract topics


Full list of words in context of Hillary Clinton

DateHillary Clinton, № of mentions Words in context
04.09.1614Clinton propaganda, Clinton is jealous of Melania, her funds smell bad, she’s afraid of going to Mexico, Clinton’s distinction, her email negligence is not denounced in the USA
11.09.167Her clip is empty, doesn’t have a leg to stand on, blames Trump, her greed, doubtful fund, poor health, a coughing fit, her comparison with a nurse at the mental hospital
18.09.16Last months of Obama’s term, can’t separate terrorists from rebels, Americans forced them to give back the islands so as to plant their base, dirty elections in America, the USA wants to subdue Brasil, it’s better to get an education in Russia than in the USA
25.09.1621Rumors about Clinton’s pregnancy, light-hearted, forgot a secret file at a Russian hotel, we are for her as she is spacey, she got dumbstruck at the program, her eyes look in different directions
02.10.169CNN is for Clinton, she received the list of debate questions in advance, Clinton calls Trump followers racists, her husband with Monica sex
09.10.1611Hillary treats women badly, Hillary intimidated her husband’s lovers, she is for a common transatlantic market.
16.10.1614Corruption, linked to massmedia, Bill’s illegitimate son, John Podesta, Wikileaks
23.10.1623Dresses NBC down for inconvenient questions, Clinton collaborates with Google, orders materials, paid infomercial for Hillary, the statue of naked Hillary in the USA, electoral merry-go-round, bring people
30.10.1625Trump promises to imprison her, polls are predicting Clinton’s victory, the press are on her side, democrats organize merry-go-round, voters vote 8-10 times, Hillary doesn’t accept the elections, she is afraid that Trump will imprison her, a pedophile scandal around Hillary, FBI questioned her softly, Clinton’s corruption, Lenovo collected money from corporations for Clinton
06.11.1660A traitor to her country, Wikileaks: Hillary promised everything to bankers, 38% of her followers believe in her honesty, her rating falls, Huma Abedin — connections with Islamists, rumors that she sleeps with her, Qatar surreptitiously sends her money (she decided), Attorney General Lynch covers Hillary
13.11.1627Lying press, mourning dress, blonde, Podestà
20.11.166African Americans, liberals are her electorate
27.11.169She didn’t want to accept election results, Jill Stein demanded a recount
04.12.162Hillary failed to become the keeper of democracy
11.12.162Hillary’s enemies are registered as Kremlin agents
18.12.1610Putin’s vendetta, mourning suit, Clinton’s corruption, archaic campaign
25.12.165Her supporters have made the coup attempt,murky sources of financing, colour revolution attempt


Dmitry Kiselev – head the new official Russian government-owned international news agency Rossiya Segodnya. Appointed by Russian president Vladimir Putin. 

Vesti Nedeli – weekly newsmagazine program on Russian TV, Rossya-2, stated-owned TV station, where Dmitry Kiselev serves as deputy director and a host.