Request a bet: Learn How to Build a Bet

Betting industry is always striving to provide the best service to its customers. There are plenty of ways that you can place a bet, but making your own bets has become the latest popular trend. For example, you can even play request a bet at bet365. Here we talk more about this feature as well as similar offers from other prominent bookmakers.

The development of betting technology has led to the establishment of a variety of features offered in the betting industry. All this was aimed to provide people with more options when it comes to online betting.

Those who are interested to learn more about this bet builder feature, what it is and how it can be useful to you, should definitely keep reading. We have explored multiple different companies and their ways of working with these features.

What is Request a Bet?

Sports betting brands want more people to make complex bets. When someone is betting at odds 1/1, he has quite a high chance to win. But if someone bets on five different games at odds 1/1, overall odds of winning the bets is ultimately much harder to achieve.

It is in this way that sportsbooks make a profit in the long run. These are called multiples, or accumulator bets, as the winning sum tends to be quite higher as the chances of winning are slimmer.

However, we tend to get a bit more creative when we think about a single game and a plethora of positive outcomes. And this is why request a bet has become so popular. Instead of betting on 5 different games, you can bet on various stats on how you think a single match is going to end.

The following is an example:

  • Team A will defeat Team B
  • There will be over 2.5 goals during the game
  • Team A will score over 1.5 goals during the game
  • Team B will have over 0.5 red cards
  • Team A will make over 1.5 substitutions in the game

As you can see, this is a really interesting combination that many people would like to play. Furthermore, this combination gets added as a single click option for some bookmakers.

This form of betting gives you much more flexibility and entertainment value. This particular style of betting captured our attention, so we decided to continue exploring several different brands.

How Can I Request a Bet at bet365, William Hill or Ladbrokes?

Even though this form of betting is becoming increasingly popular, betting this way works differently for various bookmakers. Our conclusion is that it is still in the early stages, and brands are checking what approach is going to serve them and their customers the best.

Each of these brands has a different strategy for attracting new customers to their brands. As it is easiest for the customers to use Twitter, Facebook or any other social media platform, plenty of brands make their presence there and try to entertain or add value to the people.

Different brands have decided that this is the place where they should communicate with the audience. Other brands have made these requests part of their features list. A good example is the bet365 Bet Builder.

bet365 Bet Builder

There is no need to reach out to the brand so that they could make a bet for you. With the bet365 Bet Builder, you have all the flexibility you need for making the perfect bet for yourself. If you want to request a bet at bet365, there are a couple of things that you can do.

It is a very neat feature for bet365. Request a bet is a type of feature that many other brands offer as well but in another way. It is something that millions of people seek every year.

Request a Bet - bet365 Bet Builder

Screenshot taken on 9/10/2018

There are 6 different parameters you can change and choose when you are building your bet. These are:

  • Match Result on a full time or on a half-time.
  • How many goals the teams are going to score.
  • The number of goals scored overall.
  • Player to score goals.
  • Corners.
  • Total cards, player card or red card in the match.
  • To qualify for a competition or lift the Trophy.

As you can tell, there are plenty of different options you could make. Furthermore, you could make your own football bet that you are most confident with. Make sure to check whether you have made the right combination of fixture before you place the bet. It is important to mention that this feature is specifically made for soccer games only.

Navigating on the platform and making use of this feature was really easy, and we believe that anyone can make use of this feature, as it is very intuitive. Once you have selected your bet, all you have to do is place the money and start having fun while watching the game.

All those who want to request a bet at bet365, can easily do so via the bet365 Bet Builder feature. There are also other brands that offer a request a bet feature, let’s move onto William Hill, another great betting brand.

Your Odds at William Hill

William Hill has chosen a different approach for their build a bet feature. With request a bet bet365, the brand has added a whole feature into the site for players to place a bet. While this is a great way of implementing the feature, it can sometimes be limiting.

With William Hill, there is even more flexibility with the request a bet feature. This brand has decided to reach out to their audience via Twitter. When you think of the feature and you want your audience to reach out to you, Twitter is probably the best way to communicate.

Request a Bet - William Hill Your Odds

Screenshot taken on 9/10/2018

Therefore, if you want to make use of the William Hill Your Odds, like, you will need to have a Twitter account to be able to do it. Let’s take a look at the process of using the Your Odds feature.

  • The first step is to Tweet to William Hill on Twitter.
  • When you are making the Tweet, make sure to add #YourOdds hashtag. This will indicate to people working at William Hill that you are making a request-a-bet tweet.
  • With the reply from William Hill, you are also going to receive a link and see the odds for your requested bet.
  • Once you click on the link, Your Odds will be added to your William Hill account and you will be able to make the bet.

That’s it, once you have made the bet, you will be able to sit back and enjoy the game. Also, unlike with request a bet bet365 where you can only bet on soccer, with William Hill Your Odds, you can also bet on a broader variety of sports.

  • NFL
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Rugby
  • Cricket

While it might be harder to make a custom bet with William Hill, you are left with a much broader choice of sports available for betting.

William Hill brings a lot of flexibility to the table, this is something that a lot of people are going to like. Keep in mind though, you will need to make a Twitter account to use William Hill Your Odds.

How to GetAPrice with Ladbrokes?

Much like William Hill, Ladbrokes relies on the same methods of hearing out their audience. If you want to request a bet from Ladbrokes, you will also have to head over to Twitter. This is another company that has decided to enable this feature via this social media network.

The good news is that requesting a bet is fairly easy. Let’s take a look at how you can request a bet from Ladbrokes:

  1. Reach out to Ladbrokes on Twitter with your request.
  2. Use the hashtag #GetAPrice to indicate that you are making a request.
  3. Wait for a reply with odds from Ladbrokes, followed by a link for placing the bet you have requested.
  4. Click on the link and place the bet.
Request a Bet - Ladbrokes GetAPrice

Screenshot taken on 9/10/2018

As you can see, making a bet request with Ladbrokes is as easy as with all the other brands.

How to use the 888Sport Market Maker?

The story with 888Sport is the same. Requesting a bet from them is the same as the one with William Hill and Ladbrokes.

You can request your bet on Twitter. When reaching out to 888Sport, remember to add a hashtag #MarketMaker so the team at 888Sport knows that you are requesting your own bet.

888sport MarketMaker

Screenshot taken on 9/10/2018

This feature was first presented during the World Cup 2018, and audience response was quite positive.

Unibet Bet Builder

Unibet and 888 have announced their plans to roll out a new and improved bet builder with the help of Kambi, a brand that has already proven itself in this area of the online betting industry.

The new type of Unibet bet builder is supposed to be much faster than the competition and smarter too.

So far, this software has been launched in Denmark and Sweden and its on the way to go live in the UK as well.

From the information that is circling online, we can expect the new Unibet bet builder to support pre-match bets but also live and cash-out betting features.

Thanks to the intuitive design of this bet builder, users should be able to build their bets fast and get the expected results much faster than what is currently being offered on the online betting market in the UK.

Once this product becomes available in the UK we will have more information and let you know how to use it. We are hoping to see this feature available in the upcoming weeks.

Make sure to bookmark this page as we will update it with the latest news on this matter.

Request a Bet Market

The betting industry has gone through a lot of changes during the last couple of decades. With the expansion of the internet and social media networks, companies have come into position to make different offers to a wider audience.

Also, the technological advancements have brought many new features to all the online operators. Eventually, all this has lead to offering advanced features for staying competitive. This is precisely why features such as request a bet bet365, 888Sport MarketMaker, Ladbrokes GetAPrice and William Hill Your Odds are becoming increasingly popular.

The whole betting industry is going through a sort of revolution. We are yet to see where all the changes are going to get, but one thing is certain, the customers are winning.