Privacy and Cookies Policy

Privacy and cookies are the means by which this website deals with information and data and provides a more personal service to users. The thinking behind both types of policy is to provide a safe and secure service that is relevant to individuals and how they use and move around this website. We adopt a policy with our users in mind. It is applied across both areas to encourage new traffic and loyalty. Website visitors now expect a certain degree of privacy and ease of use and when a site does not be seen to be delivering in these areas browsers will go elsewhere.

Cookies Policy

Cookies are used to improve performance and we do not sell the information to a third party. We use cookies when strictly necessary and to provide functionality and improve performance. Individuals can control the use of cookies and are reminded when they are in operation when first visiting this site.

We apply a cookie policy to our website. Cookies are small text files with bits of data which are stored on a computer or mobile device. When a browser returns to a website the cookies are sent back so the user can be identified and the service customised accordingly. Cookies are used so our website can recognise who is visiting and the device being used. We apply cookie technology to provide the following features that increase ease of use:

  • Facilitate the login procedure
  • Create login preferences
  • Collect transaction information
  • Prevent fraud

Generally cookies improve our member’s experience of betting though some are required to enable the website to work effectively. Broadly speaking cookies improve how the website works in the following areas: session management, functionality, fraud prevention, tracking and analysis. Third parties are used for tracking and analysis but if you follow links you must be happy with the cookie policy on these related sites.

Users can delete their cookie history but this will remove tracking history and the areas of the sportsbook that have been visited. For example, if a customer regularly bets on the English Premier League a cookie will record the journey from our Home Page to the page that includes the odds. If cookies are disabled by session users may not be able to visit certain areas of our site. There is no need to remove cookies because the information is secure and the betting experience will be better for the user.

Privacy Policy

We adopt a privacy policy to best deal with information about the relationship between the reader and our site. We follow a similar strategy in line with other bookmakers in order to process information in a way that is safe and secure for our customers. Providing information confirms consent to the use of data as described in the Privacy Policy that can be viewed on the site.

We collect information when a customer embarks on the following procedures:

  • Filing out a sign in form
  • Correspondence through the contact form or by email or telephone
  • Responses to surveys
  • Transaction history
  • Movement around the website

In keeping with the documented privacy policy we use this information to process bets, manage accounts, comply with regulations, establish profiles, perform research, send out details regarding promotions and keep abreast of bets to prevent fraud. Information is subject to procedures to ensure safety and security and some is passed on to linked businesses. When a new customer opens an account some personal details might be passed on to verify age and prevent fraud. Telephone calls are recorded for reference if a security matter arises at a later date and the recordings are used to train staff. Users are prompted to agree to the site’s privacy and cookie policy.