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To be in contention for the Pinnacle bonus, you must sign up for a new account with the Pinnacle VIP code VIPMAX. This will soon entitle you to a welcome bonus when you sign up as a new customer.

You can use this promo code to bet on a range of different sports, via desktop or mobile, and take advantage of their very generous odds.

Since launching in 1998, Pinnacle have grown to the point of receiving legendary status in the bookmaking industry. They carry an air of mystery because of the fact they are privately owned. They also operate differently to others in the industry, which makes them very unique. We’ll explain that a little bit further shortly. To encourage UK players to use their service, their is a new Pinnacle VIP code available.

So who are Pinnacle?

In 1998, Pinnacle sports were launched as a small betting shop in Curacao, the country they are licensed. Over the years they have grown to become one of the largest betting companies in the world.

They are a privately owned company. They surely would be worth in the billions if they ever listed on a stock market. But the fact they are private means they can stay true to their philosophy. They’re not under the pressure of outside investors to earn money at all costs which can lower the customer experience.

The reason Pinnacle is so popular in many parts of the globe is that they approach the pricing of their markets and their odds in a completely different way to their competitors.

From the second you sign up, you will notice that the layout of their site is completely different to what you are used to.

Their philosophy as a bookmaker is to offer the best odds in the industry. It is for this reason that they are used by many professional punters.

Infact, Pinnacle are adamant that they welcome winners. Most online bookmakers will restrict customers who win money, but Pinnacle approaches that subject a bit differently, as we’ll explain shortly.

Odds and Wagering Limits

Every bookmaker in the industry builds a margin into their pricing, and this is how they make their money. Margins are expressed as a figure above or below 100%. A fair market is one that adds up to 100%. To ensure they always profit in the long run, a bookmaker adds a margin of around 6% into their book. This makes it increasingly more difficult for the punters to win, because after all, the odds state the probability of an event occurring.

Pinnacle differs because the markets they offer are the most competitive online. They still build a margin into their book, but it is a lot smaller than that of their competitors. For instance, in major competitions for Football betting, like the World Cup, Pinnacle offer a margin of just 2%. Whereas the average margin for the industry as a whole is 6%! As you see, that is a huge difference, and is how competing bookmakers offer a seemingly large sports bonus. Infact, once you factor in commission charges, Pinnacle generally offer better value than a lot of Exchange companies.

The reason that they can afford to offer these small margins is because they offer much higher limits than average. For the last World Cup final, as an example, Pinnacle offered customers the chance to bet up to $1,000,000! That is a huge amount that would never be considered by the majority of online bookmakers. But even if you are a gambler who likes Football betting and only bets small amounts, Pinnacle won’t turn you away. Everyone is welcome to bet with them and take advantage of the Pinnacle VIP code! In fact, it is this acceptance of winning players who bet bigger which gives Pinnacle an edge on the competition. They have turned their acceptance of winning players into an advantage. They use the knowhow and skill of these punters as a chance to sharpen their odds.

Most online bookmakers use complex algorithms to dictate what their odds should be. These algorithms scan other bookmakers and basically scrape their odds and take an average. They then work out what their odds should be based on that, with little human intervention. Because of the approach that Pinnacle take, they are the ones that the other bookmakers copy. Their odds are so razor sharp that if they move their odds, the rest of the market follows their lead.

Pinnacle Sports

Following Pinnacle acquiring their UK licence, UK players will now be able to bet on their full range of sports markets. While they don’t throw every single sport ever invented into the mix, they do have a solid range. It’s worth remembering that Pinnacle is for players that are serious about getting great odds. These type of players don’t typically bet on the sports other bookmakers use to pad their offering, such as Surfing!

However, the range is good, with the exception of Horse Racing. Because Horse Racing can be volatile to bet on, with lots of different price movements based on information, this makes it a difficult sport for Pinnacle to offer due to their high limits and low margin.

If you’re a Tennis fan you will be happy with the competitions available on Pinnacle. There are certainly some good options for you to use your Pinnacle bonus on! All major grand slam tournaments are offered, as well as ATP, Challenger, ITF & WTA competitions.

US Sports fixture highly on the agenda of Pinnacle, and you will see that all of the major sports are covered such as American Football, Basketball and Baseball. As well as that, you will be able to find markets for Aussie Rules, Boxing, Crossfit, Cricket, Cycling, Handball, Hockey, MMA, and Rugby Union.


As with any betting company, Football is the largest sport. As such, Pinnacle offer a very good experience when you sign up to bet on Football markets. Now they’ve acquired their UK Licence, and UK players love Football, it is expected that their Football offering will improve further still. Great news for those who want to use the Pinnacle bonus and use their Pinnacle VIP code!

Most of the major Footballing nations are covered, as well as some lesser known ones. From Australia to England, Spain to Singapore, Brazil to Norway. You will definitely find what you’re looking for. Because of Pinnacles set up and their unique way of providing value to their customers, they don’t offer many of the markets that most bookmakers do.

These markets offered by most bookmakers generally offer poor value and are set up to win money from the customer. Pinnacle instead focus on a few core markets. Match Odds, Asian Handicap, Over/Under Goal lines, Team Totals and First Half markets.

They also offer some different markets in their specials section. These are things like Outright League winner, or extra markets for big games. Great odds and value can be found here.


It is not just people who bet on traditional sports that can take advantage of the Pinnacle bonus and attractive Pinnacle VIP Code. Those who love E-Sports can also. Pinnacle were the first to notice that E-Sports has the potential to become hugely popular, and that betting will follow closely behind it. Many sites were actually offering virtual betting on E-sports in the early days, and this helped Pinnacle spot the opportunity.

Although they were initially cautious, they offered their first E-Sports markets in 2010. This was obviously a tricky situation, because nobody had ever priced one of these markets up before! But since then, the growth has been incredible, and far greater than Pinnacle could have imagined. Games like Dota 2, League of Legends, Heroes of The Storm, Counter Strike, and Overwatch are available to bet on. Pinnacle continue to increase the access to betting on different games, too.

Pinnacle mix their overall betting philosophy and great odds with a great selection of games, which honestly makes them the number one choice for E-Sports betting. It’s also great news for UK players in light of Pinnacle receiving their UK Licence. In fact, Pinnacle are now so ingrained in E-Sports betting that they even sponsor some of the tournaments. In 2014 they sponsored the Dota 2 Pro AM, which was a huge success. Make no mistake, this isn’t just a gimmick like it is for many betting companies, Pinnacle take this seriously. They state on their website that a lot of their staff are gamers, with some of their employees playing to a very high standard!

So if this is more your cup of tea, why not sign up with the Pinnacle VIP code?

Pinnacle Mobile

In line with their great overall reputation, it’s only right that Pinnacle provide excellent mobile access for customers to use their Pinnacle website!

The design of their mobile site is excellent, with the different betting options easy to find. There are 3 different sections, namely Sports, Live & Casino. Sports is where you can find all of your pre play markets and special bets. Live is where you can bet on live sport from the comfort of your sofa via mobile, and the Casino is where you can explore their table games. The great thing about the Pinnacle mobile site is that it is very quick and responsive. It allows for easy navigation between events, and doesn’t lag like many mobile sites.

For Android or Apple mobile users, Pinnacle also offers a downloadable app called ‘Pinnacle Lite’. This is a custom made app that you can download to your phone and increases your betting experience.

You can choose your own Handicap or Totals lines and boost the odds. Refine your selections by betting on the Points Total for individual teams. Or get even better value with specific half or quarter betting.

While the mobile site is available to all, and will initially be where UK players browse following the acquisition of a UK licence, the mobile app is currently only available in Sweden, Canada, Ukraine and Finland. It is likely that they will make this available for UK players over time.


For those players that enjoy betting when sport is quiet, they will be able to take advantage of some of the casino games offered by Pinnacle. There is a whole range of different things to bet on, from Slots, Video Poker and Table Games, to Card games, Bingo and Keno.

Are you a fan of slots? Well then Pinnacle have you covered with with 52 different slots to play on. These include titles such as Mr Caribbean, Space Bucks, Mayan Secret, Golden Legacy and Pharaoh’s Lost Treasure. Perhaps you prefer to spend your time with video poker, well if so, Pinnacle have a selection of 9 different games. Well known titles such as Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Jokers Wild, and Aces & Eights are included.

There are only a few table games to play, with Pinnacle only offering Roulette Single Zero, Roulette and Craps. But these are mainly for passing the time, and not for serious casino players. Card games aren’t well stocked either, with Blackjack Singlehand, Blackjack Multihand, Pai Gow Poker, Baccarat and Blackjack Single Deck.

If you’re not a fan of video games, there is also a great live casino product for you to sink your teeth into. These are casino games that are set in real life casinos with real tables and real dealers. They are streamed via video for you so you can bet live.

It is a strange experience to be betting from the comfort of your own home while feeling like you’re in Vegas! But it is possible, and you can play Baccarat, European Roulette, American Roulette, Blackjack and Casino Hold’em live.


Whether you are a player using the Pinnacle Bonus and the Pinnacle VIP code, or you only care about the great odds, one thing is sure – Pinnacles banking options are sure to impress. Due to the fact they are an international company and have players in most countries in the world, they accept two dozen currencies. These vary depending on where you are located, but there are plenty of options, so almost everyone is catered for.

Visa and Mastercard are accepted with Pinnacle if you wish you use a debit or credit card. Online wallets are the most widely used method.  Should you wish to use Skrill instead, then the limits depend on your account history, but the limit for Skrill is in the same bracket as Neteller. Bank transfers and wire transfers are also accepted.

Only one payment method has a fee attached for deposits, and that is PaySafeCard. The deposit fee is 3.45% of the deposit amount, which can make it quite expensive.

When you withdraw, all of the previously mentioned payment methods are also available. You should note that fees vary based on your country of origin, so it’s important to check the terms and conditions. In terms of withdrawal limits, bank and wire transfers have no limit, but will take slightly longer than most other transaction method to complete. Online wallets such as Neteller are processed within minutes if the total amount is 10k or less. However larger withdrawals up to 50k take slightly longer.

Customer Support

One of the most intriguing aspects of Pinnacle’s service is that their customer support is very limited. However this shouldn’t make you nervous to sign up and use the Pinnacle VIP bonus because it isn’t as bad as it seems. Pinnacle only offer Email support for customers, and the service is very fast. All emails are usually answered within one hour, and their email support teams is exceptionally well trained. They also offer a comprehensive help section which goes into detail on the betting rules, and types of bets offered. This section is also available in a number of different languages. Often, the answer you are looking for is provided in this section and you don’t need to email.

The thing is, that they simply do not need an all singing and all dancing customer support service. Most online bookmakers make things really difficult for customers, right from the start when they sign up. They offer a complicated welcome bonus or sports bonus, that is difficult to obtain. Players who generally sign up to these bookmakers are new to betting or just want an easy way to bet.

Once they have used their promotion code, they find a lot of the markets to be difficult to use, and they are often set up this way on purpose. The complexity of the operation means it is easy for customers to lose money. Plus, the more markets you have, the more room for error there is. Often this results in a high volume of calls, and most of the time the customer service staff resolve these issues by handing the disgruntled customer a sports bonus or bonus code anyway.

Pinnacle don’t need to resort to these tactics for a few reasons. Firstly, their service is excellent, and is very easy to use. The smaller number of markets, and focus on providing a great service means that things rarely go wrong. And when they do, it is easy for Pinnacle to highlight the issue and fix it.

Pinnacle Betting resources

Pinnacle take their ‘winners welcome’ motto seriously, and this can be seen with how they seek to educate their customers. The betting resources section of their blog is huge, and a great tool for those that want to sharpen their sports and betting knowledge. Pinnacle have hired a team of experts that regularly write articles aimed at making their customers more knowledgeable.

The articles aren’t vague like you get with most bookies. Most online bookmakers will give you vague advice and pretend to care. But with Pinnacle the articles are extremely in depth and some of the best betting content that you will find on the internet. These articles can be things like ‘How to bet on boxing?’ and previews of different sporting events. But they also go in depth with the strategy and the mathematics behind betting for those who take betting a little bit more seriously! The articles are posted on a daily basis and it is easy to become engrossed for hours in the content they provide. The best thing is that you don’t even need to be a Pinnacle customer, this content is provided free for everyone.

It all rolls back to the Pinnacle philosophy that having smart customers means that they are able to sharpen their books and maintain their position as the best in the industry at pricing markets. It really isn’t a gimmick, Pinnacle does welcome those players who win. When you do win, you are more likely to be given a pat on the back than have your account limited like many others in the industry would do.