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Say hello to MustardBet – an exciting new player in the online betting landscape. Fresh, up front, no nonsense and brimming with attitude, MustardBet offers customers an alternative range of sports betting and casino action.

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The MustardBet website is currently in beta, as soon as it is officially live we will let you know along with any potential welcome offer. Looking to get started with a bonus code? Then try some of our sign-up offers for the following bookmakers – matchbook, william hill, and betfair.

You can currently sign up for the beta version of the website. However, when the official site is launched we will bring you the sign up offer here. You will be able to explore all the odds, deep markets and cool casino fun that’s on offer across the MustardBet website. As well as a joining offer, we will try to give you access to any MustardBet bonus codes, promo codes, spins, and offers that give bettors a bonus as they play all the games and explore all the sports and markets that MustardBet features.

MustardBet Sign Up

Signing up with Mustardbet in the beta version appears to be easy and completely secure. We are looking to bring you a Mustardbet sports welcome offer.  To become a member and start your account, all you’ll need to do is have all your pertinent personal data to hand and the relevant promo code that will allow you to claim your signing up bonus.

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You will be asked to provide your name, address and a valid email address where Mustardbet can contact you. You’ll also need to choose a username and a password for yourself. Make sure you take particular care with this part of the registration process as you will need both your username and password in order to access your account in the future. You’ll also be required to certify that you are aged 18 or over. Mustardbet may be a different kind of bookmaker in many ways, but like all respectable bookies, it is required by law that all its customers be of a legal gaming age.

And when you are completing your registration with Mustardbet, do remember to enter your promo code (if applicable) in the relevant field when it becomes available. As with most promo codes, any Mustardbet signing up offer will be an ‘opt in’ deal, so new customers are reminded to input the right code at the right time in order to take advantage of the relevant signing up bonus. Once signed up at Mustardbet, you will eventually be able to take advantage of odds, wide variety of sports, deep markets and all of the fantastic table and card games available in the Mustardbet casino.

About Mustardbet

So who are Mustarbet? While traditional online bookmakers are all well and good, Mustardbet have set themselves the task of shaking up an entire industry. Whereas many new online bookmakers are satisfied with taking a one size fits all, off the peg platform and simply slathering their logo over the top of it, Mustardbet has built an entirely new platform that is uniquely theirs. So many gaming sites follow identikit templates that are indistinguishable from each other. Cover up the logo of some sites and they retain no character or swagger. The way Mustardbet have approached their development means that their attitude comes through on every level.

Mustardbet has been built from scratch by gamblers for gamblers. This means that Mustardbet understand you needs and are flexible enough to ensure that their customers get the service that they have been looking for but until now have struggled to find. It is clear from the types of bets, the carefully calculated odds and the very way that Mustardbet present themselves that customers can rest assured that they are in the hands of people who know the industry, know the sports and know the markets. Whereas some online bookies can seem like they have been designed by faceless corporations, Mustardbet is clearly run by real people. People who like a flutter themselves, and have designed a site that caters to what they know their members really want.

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The Mustardbet Mission

You won’t need to be told that designing an entirely new online gaming platform from the ground up is a big, big ask, but Mustardbet is most assuredly up to the task. That said, Rome wasn’t built in a day and there are many a slip between cup and lip, so Mustardbet are taking their time to create their site in order make sure that their customers get the best service that they can provide.

This means that upon its initial release, the Mustarbedt site will be launched with limited casino and sports markets. The demands of the soon to be upgraded MustardBet sportsbook mean that a huge amount of behind the scenes back-end technology needs to be aligned and Mustardbet wants everything to be just right on for the launch of its sportsbook. This will allow the team to iron out all of the bugs and make sure that the site is thrumming along nicely when it is unveiled to Mustardbet members in the very near future.

Until then, members can enjoy all of the Vegas casino action on offer. All manner of table and card games are available, from a wide variety of roulette options – American roulette, European roulette and French roulette to name just three – to a range of baccarat and blackjack options and a host of other card games.

Just because Mustardbet has set itself the task of shaking up the entire online gaming community, it does not mean they don’t offer some traditional games. All of your favourite features, facilities, games and betting options will still be on offer, they will just be given a Mustardbet twist. If it ain’t broke, Mustardbet isn’t going to try to fix it, but whereas some online bookmakers can look a little stale and faceless, the Mustardbet mission statement is to try to bring a little character and personality to online gaming. They are brash. They are brazen. And yes, they are a little bit ballsy, but this in no way detracts from their professionalism, drive and commitment to customer service. The Mustardbet site is fun, fresh and full of energy, but it is also carefully crafted, totally secure and built by industry experts using leading edge technology to ensure its customers receive all of the good bits they have come to expect from their online gaming experience, but with all the extraneous markets, lackluster design and characterless gameplay replaced with on the money odds, a fun, impactful website and games that have clearly been designed by gamers for gamers.

Register and get in the ground floor of a online bookmaker that is set to shake up the industry and give its customers an exciting new way to place their bets. Sign up and you can also take advantage of the Mustardbet promo code offer..

The MustardBet Sportsbook

mustardbet 2Although Mustardbet initially hit the market with its casino, the sportsbook is slowly taking shape. As with all aspects of the Mustardbet project, the sportsbook will offer bettors a fresh, exciting and intuitive way to enjoy all the familiar sports and markets they love. Currently the MustardBet sports offering is pretty limited, given the website is still in beta. However, that is soon about to change.

Arriving soon after the launch of the initial website, the MustardBet sportsbook will offer members a huge variety of sports, some finely calculated odds and a sensible range of markets. If you are looking to place a bet on Paul Pogba’s new haircut or how many times a particular player hits the post in a Rymans League match then you have come to the wrong place. Mustardbet doesn’t only cover the big names or the big games, but has made it its mission to concentrate its energies on more mainstream sports betting rather than getting bogged down in the bizarre minutiae that cruds up the more extreme reaches of some of the more traditional online bookies. The Mustardbet site will offer its members a streamlined, fat free betting experience that focuses on the types of sports and bets that bettors – from newbies to experienced gamblers – really want.

As you may be able to infer from the above, the Mustardbet sportsbook will be squarely based around the beautiful game. Football bets account for over half of all sports betting worldwide, and ever increasing coverage of leagues big and small from all corners of the earth means that this figure is only ever likely to increase.

Football Markets

MustardBet aims to cover as many football markets as possible. Canny odds and deep markets will be on offer on all the big matches, small-time cups and preening players from all around Europe and beyond. The English Premier League is, as you would hope, covered in great depth, as are the Championship, the lower leagues and both the big English cup competitions. Mustardbet also offer a broad range of markets on La Liga in Spain, Germany’s ever improving Bundesliga, France’s Ligue 1 (or, as some think of it PSG’s Ligue 1) and the faded majesty of Italy’s Serie A (yeah, we know Juventus were in the Champion’s League final last year, but let’s face it – no Pirlo, no party).

As well as football, all of the sports you would expect – or, indeed, demand – from a major online bookie figure highly in Mustardbet’s plans. As well as all the big sports for betting like tennis, Formula 1 and both codes of rugby, Mustardbet plans to include all of those niche sports that make for a rich and varied online gaming experience. Don’t expect bog snorkelling or frisbee golf to pop up on the site any time soon, but you will find a wide range of sports from every corner of the world to be covered in depth by the Mustardbet sportsbook.

Why Choose Mustardbet?

Why choose Mustardbet? Well, if you are not convinced, maybe they aren’t the online bookmakers for you! Sensible odds, a wide range of potential markets, a host of exciting casino action, a fresh approach to customer service, a brash swagger and a knockout personality make Mustardbet the go to company for gamers who are looking to sign up with a company that is set to live up the online betting scene.

This vibrant new company is an excellent option for those gamers who are fed up with cookie cutter betting sites that all offer the same features, the same games and the same odds. The fact that Mustardbet is building its own online platform means that rather than just taking an out of the box, formulaic website and slathering it with the Mustardbet logo, they can truly put their own stamp on their business. Mustardbet are aiming to become more than just a new face amongst the crowded online bookmaker crowd, but to build a site that gives gamers what they want, the way that they want it.

The people behind Mustardbet are gamblers themselves – and proud to say so. That means that they truly understand the needs of their members and are keen – keen as mustard? – to create a site that modern punters can relate to. As they say themselves, “We’re gamblers, building the platform we wish was already available – we want to be bold, brave and brazen and give the industry the shake up it deserves.” As you can imagine, that’s quite the mission statement, but anyone looking for something truly different is guaranteed to appreciate the fruits of all of Mustardbet’s magnificent efforts.

So when will the website go live?

So you’re onboard, yeah? Then you’ll be asking yourself when exactly the Mustardbet website goes live. The site is beta just now but is set to go live soon. You can already sign up for the site, but there is limited casino and sports markets at the time being. However, the Mustardbet boffins are in the process of trying to iron out all of the back end issues involved in designing a tip top sportsbook are. The sportsbook itself is due to go live soon. So get ready for a gaming revolution and sign up today to enjoy all the fun of the Mustardbet experience.

The MustardBet website is not launched yet. Check out some of our other bookmaker reviews here – matchbook, william hill, and betfair.