Matchbook Bonus Code 2018


The Matchbook bonus code is MAXSPORT. Sign up today and get up to £500 cash back as a welcome bonus for new customers. Place your bets within the first 5 weeks and start your betting journey towards the £500.

Keep in mind that alongside Betfair, Matchbook is one of the biggest betting exchanges in the world so there is a lot to explore. Find out more about the welcome offer, promotions and the bookmaker!

Matchbook Bonus Code 2018Details
Type of BonusCash Back
Matchbook Bonus CodeMAXSPORT
Bonus OfferUp to a £500 Bonus
Minimum DepositNo minimum deposit
Rollover Odds RequirementsAll odds are applicable
Wager RequirementsDependent on commission accrued
Bonus CodeGet the bonus code


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Matchbook bonus code


The Matchbook Exchange bonus code is MAXSPORT!

Matchbook offers numerous games to bet on. They include football, baseball, basketball, boxing and others. What makes betting here so interesting and so inviting? It is the Matchbook bonus code MAXSPORT! The Matchbook exchange bonus code offers a great incentive to first-time players.

The Matchbook bonus code MAXSPORT, along with the Matchbook betting opportunities are a great incentive for players who want to enjoy betting without too much commission.

As the trend for online gaming and betting is increasing, betting exchanges are becoming very popular among the punters. Therefore, newer and better exchanges are surfacing on the internet. Moreover, they are offering enhanced betting opportunities to game enthusiasts.

With thrilling and exciting games and the lowest commission rates around, Matchbook is one of the best sports betting exchanges.

Working hard to provide non­stop entertainment to their customers since 2004, Matchbook aims to provide a complete gaming experience to players in the UK. Players are very happy with the Matchbook bonus code MAXSPORT as well as the Matchbook betting policies that provide them great gaming opportunities.

Matchbook Betting Bonus Code

In order for players to get the Matchbook bonus, they need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Copy the Matchbook bonus code and go to here.
  2. New account holders click on a blue box containing the words ‘JOIN NOW’.
  3. Register for a new account by entering personal details and the Matchbook bonus code.
  4. The Matchbook bonus code is MAXSPORT.
  5. You have to deposit some money before you are ready to bet.
  6. Once you win or lose £500, you will be awarded £5 as a cash back.
  7. You can do this until you earn the full £500 cash back amount.

Why Join Matchbook?

Matchbook Commission rate is the lowest in the industry

Matchbook offers the best commission rate on the market with an average of 1.5%, as opposed to 5% at Betfair. Punters who post bets can also benefit from further reduced rates.

Exchange Betting

Alongside Betfair, Matchbook are one of the leading betting exchanges globally. Therefore, don’t expect too many issues when it comes to ensuring liquidity of bets for sporting events.

Markets Available

Matchbook won’t disappoint its customers with a huge range of markets to choose from. The betting service covers all the top and lower leagues that you could hope to bet on.

Matchbook live betting

The high-quality betting facilities enable players to bet on their favourite games and even against each other. The odds are so better than those offered by other bookmakers that Matchbook have become a favourite gaming spot for gamblers.

With commission rates of only 1.5% and 0.75%, Matchbook not only offer great winning opportunities but also very low commission rates.

Matchbook supports in-play wagering on certain sporting events. Unfortunately, the level of market participation is on the low side, but it is improving every day. The live betting interface at Matchbook is the same one used on the rest of the site. However, there is a slight delay prior to the wager going through.

With the lowest commission rates in the industry, along with higher liquidity and the year round Matchbook bonus code MAXSPORT, online gaming has just become more interesting. Matchbook presents the best online gaming opportunities for players who want to gamble  on an exchange.

Major leagues and sporting events

Matchbook offers live in-­play betting on most of the major leagues and sporting events. To check out the events that are taking place at a time, the players just have to click the Live Betting tab.

The actual sports on offer for betting will vary at Matchbook. This will depend on the season and what other players are offering for p2p bets. The main sports are available at all times. At any time, bettors can bet on football, basketball, boxing, hockey and even huge events like the World Cup games and the Olympics.

For gambling enthusiasts who want to stay connected to Matchbook even when they are away from their computer, Matchbook bring the simplest solution. They can download the Matchbook betting app on their smartphones and connect to their favourite games. Furthermore, you can receive updates on what is happening and bet at the right time.

Matchbook Review

The Matchbook sports menu includes several sports, back and lay prices for Esports and odds for current affairs and politics. The first option on the main sports menu is live betting which takes users to a page that displays current and upcoming live events. The leagues and markets for each sport are described below.


For players looking out to bet on major football leagues such as the Premier League to Champions League and major international tournaments such as the World Cup and the Euros, Matchbook betting has everything for game lovers. Moreover, with the Matchbook bonus code MAXSPORT, it is heaven for game lovers.

Most bets are placed on matches in England. Matchbook covers the four main leagues but very little more. It compares unfavourably with the range that Betfair offers. Accumulator bets are not allowed.

The Premier League in England is the most viewed and bet on the league in the world. Matchbook UK covers each fixture and has an outright market for the team to be the champions. For each match back and lay prices for the Home-Draw-Away market display.

A link to view other markets takes users to a limited number of ancillary markets such as handicap, total goals, both teams to score, correct score and half time/full-time result. Nevertheless, compared to Betfair there is only a small amount of liquidity in these markets.

US Sports

Pro football, basketball and ice hockey are the next three sports listed in the sports menu after football. These are predominantly North American sports. However, Matchbook also include some minor European leagues. The NFL is the most famous and popular US football competition. At the time of writing, it was the only league in the pro football section.

Markets cover upcoming matches and lay and back quotes for the winner of each conference and the Superbowl. Back and lay money line markets display for each fixture in the NFL with a link to view the other markets: handicap and totals. Liquidity totals are not huge which indicates the difficulty of entering a market in which one operator has a massive market share.

The NBA is the professional basketball league in the United States and thus the most popular in the world. Matchbook offers odds for the money line, handicap, and totals.

Customers can trade on the winner of the NBA championship. The NHL in North American hockey gets similar coverage with prices on both sides of the market for the money line, handicap, and totals.


Tennis is the second most popular sport for in-play betting. It also attracts plenty of betting interest before matches. Matchbook offers quotes for matches on the ATP and WTA Tour and future prices for upcoming major tournaments.

The tennis offer is limited compared to Betfair and conventional bookmakers. Furthermore, there is little liquidity in some markets. Other operators cover the minor tours and many more markets.

Back and lay odds display for the two-way winner of each match. Customers can trade on the money line, handicap, totals, first set winner and second set winner. At the time of writing, there was no money in the last two markets on the day of the match.

Other Sports

The sports menu also lists the following sports:

  • Rugby Union
  • Golf
  • Cricket
  • Snooker
  • MMA
  • Boxing

There is a small number of markets to bet on within each sport. There is also scope for Matchbook expanding their offer for the main trading sports and some of the more obscure sports.

Matchbook Horse Racing

With Cheltenham 2018 and the Grand National 2018 around the corner, what has Matchbook in store for its horse racing offer? Well it is already possible to place ante post bets on the Cheltenham and Aintree 2018 races! Head over to the website to see the offers.

Matchbook History and Licensing

Matchbook is not a typical bookmaker, like bet365. Instead, it is a betting exchange, where the members set the odds and the site takes a commission on those bets.

Matchbook have been operating since 2004 and runs under new ownership since 2011. The site is fully licensed and regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission in the UK as well as by the UK Gambling Commission.

One of the main benefits of betting at Matchbook is that the commissions are low. This site only takes a flat 1.5% commission on all bets that are placed, and 0.75%, if you post offers that other players take on.

The rate of the commission will apply to the Win amount on bets and in regards to lost bets, the commission is applied to the lesser of the bet or the potential win amounts.

Over the years of operation, the liquidity at Matchbook has drastically improved.

Matchbook Apps

Enjoy the betting action at Matchbook on PC or on the Mobile platforms. Users that have a PC or a Mac can bet with the downloaded site software or through the instant version.

The mobile site supports all iOS as well as Android, Blackberry and Windows users. All site features are available on both the main site and the mobile platform. It  allows registered members to place bets at any time. No matter where they are.

Matchbook iOS and Android Apps

Matchbook have a brand new dedicated app for the iPhone, built from scratch, improving on the betting software developed for the desktop version. The exchange has redesigned the user interface and has put an emphasis on speed and usability.

Since Matchbook introduced their mobile betting platform in 2012, the procedure for selecting the currency, moving between markets and placing and accepting bets have become more seamless and streamlined. With the new Matchbook Mobile App, that has improved dramatically.

All Matchbooks apps have the full functionality of the desktop version. With low commission rates their mobile releases offer a good opportunity to improve market share. With the update, the limited amount of markets is no longer a negative.

Instant display of market liquidity is a significant innovation. Matchbook have also strived to make their casino app one of the most powerful gaming apps available.

Placing a bet on the app

Once registered at the site, you can simply log into your account at Matchbook. You can navigate to the sport you wish to place a bet on. This is simple since the site uses a great interface and has easy to use tabs for selecting different sports.

Bettors then select their bet type. One of the easiest bets to be understood is the Match Odds bet, also known as a Money Line bet. This means that bettors will choose what team they think will win.

There are many different bet types, once you have chosen yours,  just enter the amount of your bet. The selection will then show up on the Bet Slip. It is located on the right of the screen.

It is now time to review the bet slip and make any changes desired. Once happy with the selection, just click on Place Bet to accept and submit the bet. The process of betting is very straight forward and is not a difficult task. The Bet Slip can accommodate multiple bets, so be sure to add all bets before submitting the slip.

At Matchbook, bettors who are new to betting can access a how-to-guide that will simplify the betting process. The difference with Matchbook, as opposed to other betting sites, is that bets are placed like orders in the stock market. If a bettor sets a price and that price is liked, one can buy.

Minimum bets at the site are £2. The maximum bet amounts will vary based on the event and the type of bet being placed.

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Bet Varieties

Variety is what attracts bettors and keep them coming back to a site. However, at Matchbook, the variety of betting is limited compared to other sites. There is not an abundance of betting categories. For example, there is no auto racing bets or UFC bets and the site does not support exotic props. The site is a bread and butter site with not much in terms of variety.

When it comes to betting on major sports, there is a no-show of props. This is a downfall that may not appeal to experienced bettors. However, new bettors will enjoy the simplicity of the site, which can be beneficial for those looking to gain betting experience. Matchbook only offers straight bets as there are no teasers or parlays offered at the site.

Matchbook cover some great markets, including American Football, Ice Hockey, Martial Arts, Table Tennis, Snooker, Volleyball and much more. Punters mostly place bets on popular soccer games. Matchbook offers different bets: Scores, Handicap, Over/Under, GG/NG and DNB.

At Matchbook, there are six different Odds Formats. These are UK Odds, Decimal Odds, American Odds, HK Odds, Malay Odds and Indo Odds.

Betting Exchanges

Matchbook are one of a relatively new breed of bookmakers that offer a betting exchange. The concept of an exchange is to provide the infrastructure for gamblers with opposing views to place and accept bets.

This form of gambling is known as peer-to-peer as customers bet against themselves with no need for a broker or intermediary. The exchange brings together backers and layers.

A traditional bookmaker will make money from the balance between stakes and winnings. Odds are offered with a margin which provides the operator with a theoretical profit.

The art of bookmaking is to set and adjust the odds to win money regardless of the outcome of an event. However, the odds makers are dependent on the results of fixtures which could go for or against them.

Exchange bookmakers earn a commission from bets placed in a market when two potential customers disagree. Punters can match bets, partially match them or not match them when they are on offer in an exchange.

The forces of supply and demand apply. If bettors want to back at a price that price will shorten. If bettors want to lay at a price that price will lengthen. The key element of the mechanics of an efficient betting exchange is liquidity.

This is the amount of money bet into a market that facilitates matching back and lay bets. Without liquidity, there will not be a sufficient number of backers and layers to form an accurate market.

Offering liquidity is a vital factor in the success of a betting exchange. Many opposing bettors prepared to back their opinion creates matching bets and commission for the exchange bookmakers.

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Matchbook UK’s Other Promotions

Matchbook offers a number of promotions and signup bonuses for its exchange and casino products. The main exchange sign up offer will activate with the Matchbook exchange bonus code.

Matchbook have many casino promotions including day specific offers and ongoing deals. When this review was undertaken the site listed the following casino promotions:

  • Slots Bonus 100% Up to £100
  • Live Dealer 50% Up To £200 Bonus
  • And many others!

This range of casino promotions and bonuses is one of the most impressive in the e-gaming industry. It compensates somewhat for the limited range of games.

The Colossus Bet

Matchbook and Colossus Bet have partnered so that you can place bets directly in the colossus pools via the Matchbook website.  The English version terms on the website prevail in the case they conflict with the ones on the website.

Here are some rules from the website:

What is Colossus Bets:

Colossus Bets offers pool betting games. It has the world’s biggest sports jackpots over a range of sports. Amounts bet will be put in the Colossus Bets pools. Winning players share the relevant pool less deductions.

What is Pool Betting:

Pool betting is a form of betting where players contribute a fixed price (stake) into a pool. Subsequently, they make a selection on an outcome or series of outcomes (legs). The pool (after operator deductions) is then split among those who have made the correct choice.

Rules and Regulations

The Matchbook homepage has a link to a Help & Learning area which includes rules and regulations. This section documents how the site works and full details of various rules that apply in the case of a dispute.

Contentious issues can arise when dealing with people’s money. Therefore, Matchbook have covered most eventualities if a disagreement occurs. Both parties have responsibilities to conduct business in a fair and transparent way.

Matchbook tries to establish trust in the betting exchange market, so it must be seen to be acting responsibly. Poor practices would to soon affect them and the proliferation of bookmaker reviews means there is no room for ambiguous business practices.

The guide area is well organised and provides a good source of information for operational and technical matters. The options within this section are as follows:

  • Sports Rules
  • Market Rules
  • Guide to a Code of Conduct
  • Responsible Gambling
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Forum Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Cookie Policy
  • Casino Promotion T&Cs
  • Exchange Promotion T&Cs
  • Casino

The overall help package is one of the most comprehensive in the online betting industry. Matchbook focus on customers making contact and having access to detailed education and guidance as a way of competing with Betfair.

Account Management

In order to place bets and win real money, you must have an account with money at Matchbook. Making a deposit is simple and safe, you can do it by visiting the Cashier, where bettors will select from a list of supported deposit methods.

The site supports six different currencies and most popular payment methods, including credit and debit cards, e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill and direct banking methods.

When using a credit or debit card, it is possible to withdraw funds back to these cards as long as they have been used for the deposit. The withdrawal process will take between 2 and 5 days.

Most of the withdrawals from a Matchbook account will be processed for free, though some methods will have a small cost, such as the bank wire transfer. Bettors should be aware that Matchbook does not offer any foreign exchange services, so all transactions will be processed in the currency of the current Matchbook account.


Matchbook Casino Bonus Code

The Matchbook Casino Bonus Code is MAXCASINO.

The Matchbook casino main menu has links to table games, slots and video poker. The most popular games appear below the introductory offer with the name of the game, an appropriate graphic and a link to start playing the game.

Players can play for free or select a level of staking which goes from €0.5 to €5,000. Users have access to information about each game which provides a description and rules. The game descriptions are brief and clear and provide a good synopsis for new players. The game rules are more detailed and explain the nuances of each game for new and experienced players.

Players bet against the bank in the same way that they would in a bricks and mortar casino. The graphics are clear and the process of placing bets is intuitive.

The casino interface is not particularly sophisticated but it serves the purpose of providing a basic casino experience. Matchbook has a live casino and the number of games that can be played is limited, whereas other gaming sites feature many more.

General FAQs

Are all transaction secure?

Yes, Matchbook use SSL, which is used to create private documents over the Internet. This safe technology ensures the protection of financial and personal information, allowing bettors to make safe bets at the site.

What is the commission charged?

At Matchbook charges a small commission of 1.5%, or 0.75% for posted offers used by other players. The rate applies to the amount that is won from placing bets. You can place some bets with a 0% commission as well.

Can anyone open a Matchbook account?

No. Matchbook will not allow users from the United States or France.

Is there customer support?

Yes. Matchbook offer 24-hour support services so that all problems, questions, and concerns can be immediately addressed. The site offers email and phone support and there is also a live chat option that is available.

Matchbook Live Chat

You can find the Matchbook Live Chat here.

Is there a loyalty program?

At Matchbooks, you will enjoy the lowest possible commissions at all times. So there is no need to offer additional promotions or loyalty rewards. The site does not have a loyalty scheme and there are few bonuses.


Deposit and place bets in your account, and receive up to £500 in your first five weeks!