Heinz Bet

If someone says the word Heinz, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the baked bean company. But, it is actually a betting term and quite a popular one that you might not be acquainted with yet. If you become good at the Heinz Bet, you can boost your profits. We’ll show you how in this betting guide.


Heinz Bet

What is a Heinz bet?

To create a Heinz, you must add 6 different selections to your bet slip. This makes a total 57 different wagers that are made up of all the possible permutations of 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four folds, 6 five folds, and 1 6 bet accumulator. It is a full cover bet that covers for every single eventuality.

But you must keep in mind that because there are 57 different bets, your stake will be multiplied 57 times. So it can get pretty expensive if you fail to adjust accordingly.

Each selection holds the same weight when it comes to how they affect your returns. So, it doesn’t matter the order in which you add them to your bet slip.

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Why is a Heinz bet called a Heinz?

Believe it or not, a Heinz bet actually is named after the Heinz Food Company. This is because a famous old advert of theirs had an advertising slogan that said “57 varieties of pickles”. And yep, that directly relates to a Heinz bet consisting of 57 different bets.

Heinz Bet Example

For the purpose of this example, imagine that you want to bet on 6 different horses and add each to your betslip:

A, B, C, D, E & F

A Heinz will consist of the following bets:

6 SinglesA, B, C, D, E, F
15 DoublesEvery permutation of double between the horses A & B & C & D & E & F
20 TreblesEvery permutation of treble between the horses A & B & C & D & E & F
15 FourfoldsEvery permutation of four-fold between the horses A & B & C & D & E & F
6 FivefoldsEvery permutation of five-fold between the horses A & B & C & D & E & F
1 Sixfold accumulatorA & B & C & D & E & F

For the purposes of this example, we will use a stake of £1 per bet, which gives a total outlay of £57. As we said, this can be an expensive bet to put on due to all of the different permutations! To keep things simple, we will assume that each bet has odds of just 2.0. You can use this to judge the number of horses you need to win to see a profit.

Losing examples

If just 1 horse wins, you would have a measly return of just £2 and a total loss of £55. Should Horse A & B win, you will subsequently have a return of £4 and a loss of £53.  Also, even if a treble wins, you will have a return of £26 and a total loss of £21.

Winning examples

Once you have four horses win, your return will jump to £90, which gives you a profit of £33. This shows the importance of betting at bigger odds if you would like a return should just 1, 2 or 3 different selections win. However, if every single selection wins, you’ll be counting a lot of cash as you will have a return of £716, and a total profit of £659!

What if you were to choose larger odds? Should you pick 6 horses with odds of 5, then you’re looking at a huge return if every bet wins. £46,568 to be exact, which shows the importance of picking bets with great odds!

Heinz Bet Tips

You should play around with different outcomes to first help with understanding how one or two losing runners affect returns.

We suggest you try the Heinz for each-way bets. This will give you a safety net. A £1 each-way Heinz costs a total of £114. Try an each-way Heinz bet if some, or all, of your selections, are at slightly longer odds or not necessarily favourites to win.

The each-way ensures a sizeable profit if all your selections come up trumps, while also ensuring you collect when you manage two/three winning selections in the bet.

The Heinz bet is popular for most sports. If you are considering the Heinz bet for the first time, you could use a Heinz bet calculator to help determine your initial stake. These types of calculators can also help you see potential returns on different outcomes so you can play around before setting your wager.

If you don’t often get every selection right, being let down by one or two selections more often than not, the Heinz is one strategy to try and make an overall profit in such cases.

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