Golovkin Vs. Alvarez

Anyone who is a fan of passionate rivalries will certainly want to tune into the rematch of Gennady Golovkin and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. After their previous bout on September, 16th, many questions were left unanswered. The judges scored the match a draw and neither fighter was satisfied. As it sometimes happens, each of the two fighters got a nod from two judges. The third scored the fight a draw, so no winner was declared. While many believed that Golovkin should have been declared the victor, this was simply not meant to be. Both fighters immediately expressed interest in a rematch and thankfully, this will soon come to pass.

Golovkin Vs. Alvarez Result

The result of the last fight was disputed at best and some even considered that Golovkin was robbed of a victory. It is actually a bit ironic that the fight was initially billed “The Supremacy” since no winner was declared. We should point out that either way, this was a highly contested match and both fighters stood up well in the heat of the moment. Judge Adelaide Byrd scored 118-100 in favour of Alvarez and many analysts felt that this was entirely too generous considering the scores of the others (113-115 and 114-114). Still, officials stuck with the decision much to the chagrin of Golovkin. This is the reason why the upcoming match will be so very exciting to watch.

Golovkin Vs. Alvarez

Golovkin Vs. Alvarez Highlights

The first few rounds of the fight saw each fighter feeling the other one out and testing his rhythm. This is very common when both are highly skilled and relatively equals in terms of talent. As the fight progressed, Alvarez proved to start each round especially strong (between rounds 4 and 8). However, he also appeared to fade towards the latter half of each. This caused Golovkin to dominate the second halves and to perform well enough to win on points. Many feel that the championship rounds were the best in the match. Perhaps due to a second wind, both fighters stood toe to toe and exchanged flurries of punches. Alvarez tried to take advantage of his footwork while Golovkin instead focused upon the reach and speed of his jab. Still, Alvarez was quick to dodge and counter; allowing most of Golovkin’s blows to be easily deflected. This fight resulted in the 19th successful defence of Golovkin’s titles.

Golovkin Vs. Alvarez: The 2018 Fight

Both fighters are eager to return to the ring and claim what each feels he rightfully deserves. The 2018 match is being held on May 5th, and according to the latest information, the location has yet to be officially determined. Each professional has a great deal on the line. For Golovkin, it will be an opportunity to prove that he is the better fighter and to retain his titles. Alvarez will be seeking to drown out any doubters this time around. Regardless of who walks away the Victor, there is no doubt that this rematch will be very exciting to all boxing fans. You can bet on the fight with bet365.