Goliath Bet

You will probably be confused by all of the different names that are given to bets which involve multiples. The chosen names give absolutely no indication as to what the bet involves.
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But once you master all of the different bet types, you will have a lot better chance of becoming a winner.

What is a Goliath Bet?

Now, the Goliath is named as such, because, it is just that – a goliath of a bet. It is absolutely huge and features 247 different betting combinations. You must choose 8 different selections and every permutation is covered with the exception of single bets.

A Goliath includes 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 fourfolds, 56 fivefolds, 28 sixfolds, 8 sevenfolds, and 1 eightfold accumulator. This means that you need just two selections to win for you to see a return, but because the outlay for the bet is so big, this will probably only return a proportion of your stake depending on the odds.

Goliath Bet Example

For you to have the option of a Goliath bet, you must choose 8 different selections and add them to your betslip.

For the purpose of this example, we are going to assume the odds of the 8 teams you choose are evens (2.0). Also, to keep things simple, we will assume a stake of £1 which will be multiplied 247 times to give an outlay of £247. However, you can alter this to suit your tastes, and some people only use a stake of 10p to make the Goliath more affordable.

A Goliath bet could be the perfect bet to do if you have a whole Horse Racing card that you want to take an interest in.

So let’s say you have picked 8 horses, your Goliath will consist of the following bets:

28 DoublesEvery single combination covered for the 8 selections
56 TreblesEvery single combination covered for the 8 selections
70 FourfoldsEvery single combination covered for the 8 selections
56 FivefoldsEvery single combination covered for the 8 selections
28 SixfoldsEvery single combination covered for the 8 selections
8 SevenfoldsEvery single combination covered for the 8 selections
1 EightfoldEvery single combination covered for the 8 selections

That leaves a lot of bets! But what you need to know is that should 2 or more win, you’ll start earning a profit. This profit increases as the number of winning horses win. At odds of evens like in this example, it can take 5 horses to win before you start to see a return on your bet that puts you in profit.

But the good news is this… If you manage to pick 8 selections at evens and they all win, with a £1 stake your return is worthy of the Goliath name. Using the above example, you will win a total of £6,297 if all 8 selections win, from an outlay of £247.

However, it’s probably best to use a goliath when the odds are slightly bigger, that way you can get a return that puts you in profit with just two, or three winners. For argument’s sake, if you choose selections with odds of 20.0, you will see a return of £400 if just two horses win.

If you bet on selections with odds of 5.0, not only will you see your bet go into profit sooner than if the odds were 2.0, you will also have an enormous return should all bets win, £1,679,328 to be exact! Of course, you could always put just 10p per line on giving you an outlay of just £24.70, and a return of £167,932.80.