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July 2017
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Colossus Bets is a pool betting operator who through the Colossus Bets bonus code offer a £100 sign up offer.  New customers who sign up with Colossus Bets using the Colossus Bets bonus code MAXBONUS will receive a matched bonus in the form of free bets based on what is staked in the first 72 hours but not in excess of £100.

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The sign up offer free bets can be used to invest in any of the pools described below. The site caters for football bettors on matches in the major European leagues. Players invest a small amount of money which builds up to create potentially huge prize funds.

Colossus Bets Bonus Code Terms

Bonus Code TermsBonus Code Description
Type of BonusFree Bets
Colossus Bets Bonus CodeMAXBONUS
Bonus Offer£100 Bonus
Minimum Deposit £10
Time Restrictions72 hours

How does Colossus Bets work?

The business model is based on customers selecting the correct score and final outcome of football matches. The stakes wagered are invested into pools and winning players share the pool depending on stakes and the number of correct predictions. The company guarantees a level of prizes which equate to significant returns on the desktop and mobile version.

In line with trading with an exchange bookmakers and the cash out facility offered by fixed odds bookmakers Colossus Bets customers can close a bet to guarantee a return. The Cash Out option means a player will win regardless of the outcome of outstanding fixtures that have not been decided. Part or full cash out options are available with returns adjusted accordingly. Players can refer to team form before entering pools.

Customers can play football pool games after opening an account with Colossus Bets. This process involves entering personal details and account details. Entering the Colossus Bets bonus code is optional. Deposit limits can be adjusted and new players must confirm they are over 18 and accept the terms and conditions of the site. New customers can play for prizes up to the £10,000,000 Colossus and use form as a guide.

Referral Code

Colossus Bets offers a Refer a Friend promotion which gives customers 5% of stakes and 2% of the amount cashed-in and won by the person they introduce. The commission is available for 12 months from the date of registration. The maximum referral fee is £200,000 that would be made if a friend won the Colossus prize of £10,000,000. All betting activity is rewarded for a full year. Account holders are given a RAF (Refer A Friend) referral code which must be entered when the friend joins to tag the individual and existing member to the scheme.

There is no specific incentive for players to join after a referral but as new customers they are entitled to the £100 welcome offer from staking over the first three days of membership. Once a friend opens an account a referral code is issued so they can look to introduce new members and earn the commissions described above. RAF payments are made on a monthly basis and within 7 days of the end of a month. Residents of the same address and family members are restricted. Old account holders cannot rejoin through a referral and eligibility checks must be passed in the normal way.


FreePlay6 is the world’s most lucrative football match prediction game that does not have a fee for entering. The game offers a weekly jackpot of £1,000,000. The brand ambassador is Michael Owen who played for the England international team and Liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle and Manchester United.

There are several stages in making an entry for FreePlay6:

  • Open an account with the Colossus Bets bonus code optional and login using a desktop or mobile
  • Customers must predict the final score of six matches
  • Alternatively they can use an option called Smart Pick which makes the correct score predictions randomly on behalf of the player
  • Even after the selections have made they can be cancelled and adjusted
  • Before the bet is confirmed players are given Cash Out options on the game which are available at half time or between matches
  • Any player who gets six scores correct will win a share of £500,000 and the chance to win another £500,000 with a correct pick in an additional match the following week

FreePlay6 generally features matches in England that begin at 3pm. This is the traditional kick-off time for fixtures in the main leagues. With the advent of more live television and their investment TV companies now demand staggered starting times away from the core schedule. The English Premier League match days span Saturday lunchtime to Monday evening and soon there could be televised matches on Friday night. FreePlay6 fits in with the historical kick-offs of 15.00 hours each Saturday.

The competition is free and the most that can be won is £1,000,000. There are consolation prizes for getting four or five correct scores right. No deposit is required to play into this pool and customers can cash out or partially cash out their entries. The bet is promoted on the basis of winning a huge prize for a small stake. The pool is available each week during the football season in England.

Colossus bets bonus


Colossus Bets only features pools for football matches but there is potential to extend the concept to cover more sports. The pools are based on selecting correct scores or the winners of matches and draws can be chosen after login. There are daily and weekly pools offering prizes from £2,000 to £10,000,000. Players must make predictions in anything from 3 to 15 matches.

The feature and title bet is the Colossus which is based on predicting the correct score of seven matches. The featured matches take place over each weekend and most are televised live. Matches are from the English Premier League and the other main European leagues. Customers have access to leg information, pool history and unit distribution. The scores from completed matches and current matches are updated.

A range of scores can be selected as well as any other home win (AOH), any other away win (AOA) and any other draw (AOD). The pool history shows the number of units associated with a score. This information is available for the win element of the bet and the consolation pools for getting five or six results correct. If the total prize fund is not won there are rollovers to the next set of matches. Team form assists players in making predictions.

The Millionaire pool is a game with a prize fund of £2,000,000 and involves predicting the correct score of six matches which are mainly from the English Premier League. This is a weekly pool that is available to play at least four days before the relevant matches. Entries can be made for between £0.20 and £2.00. A Smart Pick option selects random results and perms can be made over a number of lines. Players can choose from six home and away results, two draw scores and any other home, away and draw outcomes. There are consolation prizes for getting four and five results right.

Colossus Bets offers several other minor pools as indicated in this table:



Prize Pool

Pick 3Correct Score£5,000
Pick 4Correct Score£30,000
Pick 51X2£2,000
Pick 81X2£,4,000

Pools are either Running when matches have taken place or Open when the pool can be played but no matches have started.

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New Player Bonus

Colossus Bets offers a sign up offer bonus of £100 using Colossus Bets bonus code MAXBONUS. Players must create a new account in order to qualify for the bonus offer. Once an initial deposit is made customers will have stakes matched during the first three full days of having an account. The maximum bonus offer is £100 which can be used to play any pool. Most tickets cost £2.00 but a number of games have an entry fee of 20p. Prizes are proportionally lower for the low stakes games. The promo code can be entered during the registration process.

Pool betting is based on the principle of stakes going into a pot that is divided amongst winners after deductions. If there is more than one winner the pot is split so that each winning ticket of the same value earns the same prize. Obviously Colossus Bets will withhold some of the stakes to cover the cost of running the pools and provide the owners with a profit. They must assess how much to contribute to the prize fund to attract players in sufficient numbers to build up potential returns.

An attractive pool will generate business and accumulate a significant fund which attracts more players. A good pool will feed upon itself to create momentum but one badly received will move in the opposite way. This process is the basis of the traditional football pools in the UK. Players are asked to find scoring draws with eight correct earning the first prize. Pool betting was promoted by the Moores brothers who founded Littlewoods and were investors in Liverpool and Everton Football Clubs.

Colossus Bets has modified the original format and taken the concept online. The company is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and is a member of the Independent Betting Adjudication Service that settles disputes. The site is safe and secure and in Michael Owen has a trusted representative. He scored 40 goals for England and could have scored 20 more but for several injuries towards the end of his international career. He will always be remembered for scoring a brilliant individual goal for England against Argentina in the 1998 World Cup. Owen puts his name to trusted brands so Colossus Bets have chosen wisely in using his image.

If pools are not your thing then you can see what offers some of the more traditional bookmakers have like bet365 and coral.

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Mobile Version

The Colossus Bets app is now on the market for the iPhone and there is an Android app. Entering games on the move is now fast and secure once the app has been installed on a handset or tablet. To download the iPhone or iPad version customers must visit the App Store and search for Colossus Bets. A link is supplied for the Android app and settings have to be adjusted in line with easy to follow and understand instructions. Device administration must be set to Unknown Services before the app can be installed. The Colossus Bet app is available for mobile and tablet devices in addition to the desktop version of the site.

The Colossus Bet iPhone and Android app is very different to other betting apps that offer standard odds and events for betting. The mobile app is clean and simply laid out and offers pool betting with massive prizes and jackpots and consolations for getting most predictions correct. The mobile app provides the opportunity to win £10,000,000 and the probabilities are improved by covering a spread of results. The Colossus Bets app allows customers to take a big prize before a bet expires by using the cash out facility. One negative is that not much about each game can be viewed before registering and opening an account but that is a minor drawback to an effective pool betting app.

Social Media

Colossus Bets has accounts with the following social media sites:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Linkedin

The Twitter feed includes details of the pools and Twitter tweets, followers and likes. The Facebook page allows other Facebook users to communicate with the operator.

Customers can also interact on a blog that includes previews of upcoming pools, tips, match previews and general soccer news mainly associated with the English Premier League. Michael Owen puts his name to views and tips. The blog also includes a player guide and archived stories. There is a link to the FAQ section and details of the Refer a Friend scheme. The blog is well presented and links to current and past stories are clear and easy to navigate.

Free Bets

In addition to the £100 welcome bonus customers can use the Colossus Bets bonus code to earn free bets for £10. The code must be entered during the sign-up procedure and is only awarded after the initial deposit. Only one free bet can be granted per customer, household or IP address. The free bets can be used for the full range of daily and weekly pools covering correct scores and correct outcomes. The free bets can be used on the desktop and mobile versions of the site.


Colossus Bets has an affiliate programme through which partners can earn commission from every bet made by one of their referrals. The company offer a strong tool for converting customers. The brand offers cash out facilities, grouped scores and consolation prizes. The FreePlay6 is an excellent tool for the recruitment of players through affiliates. New customers can enter the promo code.

Partners who bring customers will earn from every bet placed regardless of whether it wins or loses. Colossus Bets takes the risk by guaranteeing prizes but pays affiliates based on bet turnover. Affiliates earn risk free revenue of 30% commission. The programme is supported by a reputable affiliate software platform. Affiliates have access to a wide range of tools and topical and effective creatives. Reporting tools allow affiliates to monitor their conversions and earnings.

Potential affiliates must complete an application form which includes personal, contact, payment and additional information. Detailed terms and conditions specify clearly the responsibilities of each party involved in the affiliation. The site owners and affiliates are obliged to operate in a clearly defined way so there is no ambiguity. Affiliates and potential partners can contact Colossus Bets by email and telephone. There are separate numbers for those dialling from the UK and elsewhere.

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Contact Details

Colossus Bets can be contacted by using the following contact address:

Colossusbets Ltd
Unit 10
4 Bloomsbury Square

In addition to the contact address the company also provides email support using: [email protected] and can be contacted by ringing +0044 20 3393 3662. Customers can also complete a contact form for questions and comments and use the contact address for the same purpose. The Colossus Bets promo code is MAXBONUS.

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Closing Comments

Colossus Bets offers the potential to win life changing amounts for small stakes. The concept is broadly based on the Pools in the UK whereby small staking customers have a weekly chance to win a huge prize. The desktop and mobile versions are well presented and easy to use and include a blog and tips. The pools involve matches from the English Premier League and other leagues in Europe. Bets span a full weekend or evening of fixtures and players can keep track of the progress of their bets and cash them out to guarantee a profit after making some correct predictions in the earlier matches. Colossus Bets is a secure and safe source of football pool betting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is an FAQ section which highlights the rules for entering a pool and explains some of the technical issues. Some of the questions are covered in other parts of the review but below is a summary of other key issues to be considered when entering a pool and deciding on the stake unit and predictions.

Are pools always won?

A pool is not always won and this happens when no entry correctly predicts the outcome of each match or even sufficient correct predictions to win a consolation prize. Stakes in a pool not won are not returned to players but carried forward to the next similar game. Rollovers are taken forward to a like for like pool and onto the next week of fixtures. If a pool including matches in the English Premier League is not won it will be taken forward to the next set of fixtures in that league.

Are all the pools popular?

In some instances pools may not be popular and not attract enough players to justify a significant prize fund. Colossus Bets will guarantee a prize regardless of fees that are accumulated from players. The guarantee is a minimum and the prize ultimately may be bigger than the guarantee if the amount staked is more than the agreed figure. Players can enter a competition once it has been loaded and up to the published start time of the first match. No entries are allowed once the first fixture has begun but bets can be closed out when cash out is offered before expiry.

Does the site ever buy back tickets?

Sometimes the site will make an offer to buy back a ticket before the bet has expired after login. This usually happens after the conclusion of one or more match in the pool or at half time of a match on the ticket. Some of the bet can be cashed out to guarantee a profit regardless of the outcome of the outstanding fixtures. If the bet wins the return will be adjusted to take into account the amount of the bet that has been closed. Customers may decide not to cash out but the bet could ultimately be lost even if some of the early predictions are correct.

What do you have to stake?

Each pool has a unit stake for an entry to be valid for the specified prize. The unit stake is generally £2 or the equivalent in other currencies. Customers can play with a lower or fractional stake unit but the prize on offer is reduced accordingly. If a game is played for £0.20 when the unit stake is £2.00 then only 10% of the prize can be won. Prizes change in the same ratio as the level of staking. The Smart Pick option makes selections randomly from the scope of potential outcomes. Smart Pick suggestions can be rejected or accepted.

What makes the pools attractive?

One of the attractions of Colossus Bets is pools over a selection of matches taking place over the weekend. Players can see the progress of their selections in running pools and an historic record of previous pools. As goals and results are confirmed the pool history is updated. The Unit Distribution table shows the number of live tickets associated with unfinished matches. Adjustments are made for currency fluctuations so some bets may appear to be more or less than the British pounds unit. All financial data is shown in Sterling for simplicity.

Are there any consolation prizes?

Consolations reward bettors who get most of the outcomes correct but may have missed out on one fixture. The £10,000,000 Colossus involves seven matches so there are separate bonuses for getting six and five right. Consolation prizes are advertised ahead of the start of the first match in a pool. There is also a bonus match which jackpot winners must predict to win the bonus. The bonus leg is usually in a set of fixtures that are played in the week following the original winning line. Players who cash out cannot increase the jackpot the following week. Winning players must predict the correct score of the bonus match.