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September 2017 | Commercial Content
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Register with the BuaBook Bonus Code now and discover a new way of football betting. As well as this, get your hands on a £5 free no deposit bonus with the bonus code MAXFREE. Alternatively you can get up to £50 free as a 100% matched deposit bonus with the bonus code MAXBONUS.

BuaBook bonus code

BuaBook is a revolutionary new way for football bettors to enjoy the thrill of of the game. An exciting extension of Fantasy Football, BuaBook allows you to make bets based on individual players’ performances in all of the big games going on in all of the big leagues across Europe. Think of it as a footballing stock exchange where players’ values rise and fall based on their performances. Pick your team from all of the available players and place your money on them having a good games – scoring goals, making game-saving tackles, making assists. And you even have the chance to buy and sell players in-play. If your playmaker is having a nightmare then you have the opportunity to offload him during the game.

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Buabook Bonus Codes

If you register your new account today, you’ll get a couple of very useful signing up bonuses! Not only do new customers receive a free £5 bet with the great MAXFREE. You can also choose to alternatively sign up for a 100% match deposit up to the value of £50 with the BuaBook MAXBONUS offer. That means whatever amount you slap into your account up to the amount of £50, BuaBook will match it pound for pound.

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Signing Up With BuaBook

Registering your new account and getting your hands on the BuaBook Bonus Code offer simply couldn’t be more straightforward. Just make your way over to the BuaBook site and click the ‘Register’ Button in the top right corner of the page. From here you’ll be whisked to the dedicated registration page where you will be invited to input all the relevant personal data required to get your new BuaBook account up and running.

Firstly you will need to provide a valid email address. This will obviously be required to complete the registration process, but it will be especially important later on as a means for BuaBook to contact you with any of the great promos, bonuses and free bets that regularly pop up across the site.

Next you’ll need to choose a username and password for yourself. As you will no doubt be aware, these will be extremely important, as they will enable you to access your account in future. With this in mind they should be memorable to you, and not given to anyone else. You don’t want someone to come in and break up your lovingly assembled team, do you?

Once all that has been done, you will be asked to give your full name and your date of birth. Just as with all reputable online gaming sites, you must be 18 or over – legal betting age – to be eligible for membership with BuaBook.

This is also the area where you will need to input any promotional or bonus code currently being offered. Currently, that mean that to get your hands on that £5 free bet, you will need to enter the code MAXFREE into the relevant field. If you prefer to go for the 100% match up offer then enter the code MAXBONUS. It should be repeated that the 100% match up offer is valid up to a ceiling of £50, meaning that if you initially deposit anything up to £50 into your account, BuaBook will match you pound for pound up to £50.

It should also be stressed that although these welcome bonuses are – as their name suggests – only open to newly registering members, many other offers, bonuses and free bets regularly pop up across the BuaBook site for all members to enjoy.

BuaBook how does it work

Buabook Sports Betting

Anyone with an interest in football will know what a fantasy football league is. Based on your, ahem… expert knowledge of football, you pick an imaginary team of players from any club in the league. If these players do well during their respective games, they earn points. If they have a quiet match, they’ll score low. If they have a total shocker – getting sent off, for instance – they will get minus points. Tally up all of these points and you get your score for the week which adds up over the full season. You might end up with only bragging rights over your mates or perhaps a small pot won from your off your office colleagues. Great stuff, no doubt.

But BuaBook takes the fun and excitement of sports trading to another level entirely. Described as the ‘Next Generation of Real Time Sports Betting’, it is the most exciting thing to hit online betting in years. Not only do you pick a team comprising the players you think will have a stormer on Saturday, but you can actually trade them in-play depending on their performances. All player performances are rated in real time, so you are sure that all prices are completely up to date when you make your decisions. If an individual player has a good game – Diego Costa scores a hat trick, perhaps, or Paul Pogba provides Zlatan with a host of assists – then your players stats go up. If Costa is in one of his blacker moods and gets sent off, however, his value will go down. If Pogba has one of his occasional quiet afternoons, his price will similarly plummet.

So get that team picked and enjoy the great BuaBook bonus code offers – MAXFREE for your £5 free bet and MAXBONUS for that great £50 match up offer (up to £50). A great pair of handy promo codes to get you started on the football stock market!

How Does BuaBook Work?

BuaBook is a cross between a stock exchange and a fantasy football game. You will need to be canny with your money and have a good nose for the ups and downs of football to get ahead. Buying cheap and selling high and keeping tabs on the form, fitness and frame of mind of your players is – as any professional football manager knows – the key to building a good team while keeping the coffers filled with cash. Buying and selling at just the right time means that your profits will soar. But so will knowing when to move talented players on. Chelsea’s Diego Costa is a marvellous player. Menacing (in all senses of the word), lethal and hungry, he is sure to rack up goals for any fantasy team. But he can also be a liability whose short fuse and wild temper mean that red cards and substitutions are always going to be a factor. This can affect his price, and end up causing you all sorts of headaches if you’ve picked him in your starting XI.

Or take the case of Dimitri Payet. West Ham United’s French playmaker is pure class on the pitch, but having his head turned by big money offers from other clubs recently turned his head, resulting in loss of form, and leaving the player in no frame of mind to excel – or even play at all – for the Hammers.

Just like a real manager, you’ll need to pick a team you think will turn up on the day, do the job, give the opposition hell, score a hatful of goals, rack up a tidy pile of assist and keep that all important clean sheet. If the players you pick do well, then their values will increase and you can sell them on for a king’s ransom. Obviously, this is all very well and good on paper, but as one famous football manager once noted – football isn’t played on paper and you’ll need to keep an eye on the fiscals as well as the football if you are to make big money!

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How Does The BuaBook Scoring System Work?

As you can tell from the above paragraph, keeping an eye on the balance sheet is as important as keeping clean sheets if you want to win big. But equally as important is knowing exactly how the BuaBook scoring system works. Anyone even vaguely familiar with fantasy football will have a vague idea of some of the ways players can score (or lose) points within a fantasy football game. Putting a penalty into row-Z or getting sent off are obvious no-nos. Equally, scoring a hat-trick or making a shedload of assists are going to be good news for the player, his team and you – if you’ve picked him, of course.

But if you really want to get ahead, it’s worth investigating all of the markets, intricacies and tips you’ll need to give your team every chance of cleaning up on points.

BuaBook realises that this type of football betting will be new to many of its members – even those who have played in fantasy leagues for years – and have put together mightily impressive masterclass that will guide newbies through every aspect of the site and give you hints and tips as to how to get the most out of your players and how to get them racking up those precious points. This is a great way to learn the ins and outs of the site and get a good understanding of how to pick players, where they can pick up points and when you might be best advised to trade.

For instance, the way a game plays out can factor hugely in a player’s worth. If, for instance, Manchester City are piling the pressure on to one of the bottom three but the game remains deadlocked at 0-9. Even so, the prices of Sergio Aguero, Gabriel Jesus, David Silva and co will be all the more likely to rise as those players are far more likely to find the net than the opposition’s forwards. If their opponents – let’s say Sunderland (sorry Mackems, but it seems a safe bet at time of writing!) – manage to bundle the ball upfield for Jermain Defoe to work one of his miracles and put the ball in Claudio Bravo’s net, then Aguero’s stock will likely decrease.

Knowing which players are in form, knowing their scoring record against the opposition. Everton’s powerhouse striker Romelu Lukaka, for example – has scored against West Ham eight times in as many games, meaning that however well the two teams are doing, history records that he could very well pop up with a goal and could be worth a place in your side on the weekend those teams meet. Luis Suarez managed an amazing 12 (twelve!) goals against Norwich City in just six games against them, but unless the Canaries face the mighty Barca in the Champion’s League in the next few years, there’s little chance you can take advantage of that little titbit!

BuaBook example

The Art of Defending

The strikers get the glory and the midfielders get to make all the sexy plays. Even goalkeepers get the chance to look good for the cameras with a full-stretch fingertip save. But what about defenders? When do they get their moment in the sun – and more importantly, score the points that will see their value increase!? The image of the defender has changed drastically over the years. In football’s dark ages, they were big, burly men with broken noses who kicked lumps out of anyone who dared come near them. These days defenders are a far more skilled bunch. Man City’s John Stones is a silky player who is great on the ball (although not quite as great as he is in his head). Tottenham’s full-backs Kyle Naughton and Danny Rose are as happy going forward as they are as defenders. And how many goals has England’s brave John Terry headed in from set-pieces over the years?

The primary way the defenders you pick in your starting XI will rack up points and increase in value will be by keeping a clean sheet. That part of the job has not changed. But if you pick a defender who not only shuts up shop at the back, but also comes up for the corners, you’re in business! Or if your wing-back bombs on – think Luke Shaw for Man U or Nathaniel Clyne for Liverpool, then you can be sure of the eventual assist or two. A good team from starts from the back, and your BuaBook side should be no different.

Midfield Operators

One very useful thing to learn about the BuaBook points scoring system is how different types of midfielders earn points. It’s very straightforward but incredibly handy when it comes to deciding which players to pick to play against different types of opposition. The first type is called a Central Midfielder. This position might be better known by many football fans as a defensive midfielder. If we were to take Arsenal as an Example, the Central (ie: Defensive) Midfielders would likely be Granit Xhaka and Francis Coquelin. Both undeniably skilled players, but their job is not to bomb forward and play silky passes into the feet of Olivier Giroud, but to protect the defence and keep the team ticking over. Central Midfielders earn points for pass completion rates and clean sheets. They are also in the engine room, where things can occasionally get a little industrial. Fouls and yellow cards are sometimes unavoidable, especially against more aggressive opposition midfields, so beware. If BuaBook had been around ten years ago then fantasy managers would have been wise to drop Arsenal’s then-defensive shield Patrick Viera every time the Gunners came up against Man U and Viera’s old friend Roy Keane.

Attacking midfielders are the other class of midfielders. To stay with Arsenal, we’re talking about your Mezut Ozils and Santi Cazorlas. Players who regularly pop up with goals and assists, which obviously score big points and raise the player’s value.

A Striking Difference

The most obvious way for a striker to score points is to score goals, so you need your forwards firing on all four cylinders for their value to rise. Fitness and form are big indicators here, as is the team that your striker is facing. When choosing a striker, it’s always wise to see what sort of defence he will be facing in the next game.

And we all know the big strikers in any league, but it’s worth keeping your ear to the ground for emerging talent, rather than just relying on star names. If Man U are 4-0 up and Jose brings Zlatan off for a rest and throws on a young prospect for his debut, those in the know will be aware if he’s worth a punt on. Anyone who knew the name MArcus Rashford last year would have cleaned up if they’d popped him into their team nice and early.

The Bua Book Review

BuaBook is set to revolutionise how punters look at football betting. With markets that include all the big European leagues, betting on your favourite players is fun, exciting and – thanks to BuaBooks up to the minute in play stats – fast. A mix of traditional fantasy football and a stock market, anyone who loves and knows football will get a real kick out of the immersive feel of the play. Now you get more of a feel of what it means to be a top flight football manager. None of that ‘pick 11 players’ and hope for the best here! Now you can respond to the game as it develops. And just like Guardiola or Mourinho, you get to shuffle your pack depending on how the games is going or give an underperforming player the hook if you think it’s just not his day.

The site might look a little daunting at first glance, with stats on so many players and so many ways to bet, but after just a few clicks everything becomes entirely clear, not least thanks to BuaBooks excellent learning centre, which will guide you through the process of picking a team, give you all you need to know about how and when to trade and help you navigate the many player and season markets that are available. At time of writing there is no mobile app available, but one will no doubt be coming shortly, giving ‘managers’ the opportunity to rotate their team wherever they are.

In short, this is an excellent site for anyone serious about football betting. It’s one of those ideas that makes you wonder why nobody had thought of it before! Slick, easy to navigate, bursting with features, promos and helpful advice – including a blog which will keep you up to date with transfers, results and gossip – BuaBook is a welcome addition to the football betting community and offers members all the fast paced rough and tumble of big league football.

And don’t forget that it also offer newly registered members the choice of two great BuaBook Bonus Code offers. These fantastic promotions give all new members either a free £5 bet with the MAXFREE bonus or 100% deposit match up to an amount of £50 with the MAXBONUS promo code.

So head over there today, pick up your bonus, pick your team and – hopefully – pick up your winnings!

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