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November 2017 | Commercial Content
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Betdaq welcome offer
Get 0% Commission for one month
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  1. Copy the Betdaq Promotions Code
  2. Go to Betdaqs promotions page, sign up, and enter the code
  3. Start betting and get free commission.
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Enjoy all the exciting betting action to be found across the Betdaq site with an introductory one month commission free on all exchange bets. Sign up today with the Betdaq Promotions Code to grab the bonus.


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If you are looking for a site that offers comprehensive coverage of a huge array of sports, great odds, deep markets, a host of casino action and unparalleled customer service, then, quite simply, Betdaq is the place to be. What better way to start your membership than with a commission free bet?

That offer is available to all new customers thanks to Betdaq Promotions Code. Simply enter the promo code when registering your account and you will receive a handy little welcome bonus in the shape of a 0% commission on all exchange bets.  It will certainly help your Betdaq membership get off to a winning start.

The Betdaq Promotions Code

Register today and you’ll receive a welcome bonus of a 0% commission for one month. Simply make your way over to the Betdaq site and sign up using the Betdaq Promotions Code to get your hands on this brilliant new customer offer.

You can use the commission free bets while you are finding away around all the appetising odds, tempting markets and cool features available to Betdaq members. Please keep in mind that the offer applies to all the new customers, above the age of 18.

Betdaq Promotions Code – Terms & Conditions

Promotion OverviewDescription
Promotion OfferCommission free bets
New CustomerYes
Age limit18
Time RequirementsExpires after 30 days

This Betdaq Promotions Code offers an entire commission free month to the new customers only. All Betdaq customers will be happy to hear that a wide variety of promo codes, bonuses, free bets and other enticing offers that regularly pop up across the Betdaq sportsbook as well as in the casino.

betdaq welcome bonus

New Extra Offer £1000 Cash-Back

Betdaq has just announced a brand new offer for new customers. Receive your first month’s commission back as cash up to £1000! T&Cs apply. All you need to do is register a new account, enter the promo code into your registration form and you will receive a rebate of any commission paid in the first 30 days. Full terms and conditions can be found on the offer page and note that this offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.


Registering your Betdaq Account

Signing up with Betdaq and getting your hands on that 0% commission bet couldn’t be easier. To qualify for the promotion, all new customers need to do is quote the Betdaq Promotions Code MAXBONUS when they register their account.

It’s a wonderful way to start your membership and offers new Betdaq members the chance to get to the heart of all the exciting betting action to be found in all corners of the Betdaq experience.

All you need to do in order to register your new account with Betdaq and get hold of the Betdaq Promotions Code 0% commission offer is to simply follow these few steps:

  1. Steer your way over to the Betdaq main page at via
  2. To start the registration process, just click on the ‘Join Now’ button in the top right corner of your screen and you’ll be pinged to the dedicated registration page.
  3. Enter all the relevant personal info that is required to open your new Betdaq account. Input your full name and address, contact phone number, and an active email account where Betdaq can reach you. You will also be asked to choose a username and a password.
  4. Lastly, input the Betdaq Promotions Code that gives all newly registering customers a 0% commission for one month. Simply enter into the field that asks for a promo code and you’ll be able to take advantage of this handy welcome bonus.

The Betdaq Sportsbook

The Betdaq sportsbook offers members an enviable amount of choice of sports, markets and odds options, as well as giving customers regular chances to enjoy all the fantastic bonuses, promos and offers that pop up with agreeable regularity.

There’s also a betting exchange facility for punters who prefer to bet in this way. All of the big sport’s beloved by UK bettors are present and correct, as well as emerging betting sports like Mixed Martial Arts and Virtual Sports. While maybe not as comprehensive as some other site – fans of floorball or futsal will need to get their fix elsewhere – the Betdaq

While maybe not as comprehensive as some other site – fans of floorball or futsal will need to get their fix elsewhere – the Betdaq sportsbook bows to none when it comes to the variety of markets that are available on the range of sports it does cover.

Betdaq football

As well as the big three UK betting sports – football, horse racing, and tennis – Betdaq members will find a huge array of markets available on sports as diverse as darts, baseball and Formula 1. Other sports that are covered in the very great depth range from golf, greyhound racing and boxing to cricket, rugby union and gridiron.

Customers can also find a wide variety of punts available on ice hockey, boxing as well as Virtual sports. Betdaq pride themselves on the depth and breadth of its renowned sports book, but there’s a wealth of other exciting ways for punters to place bets.

Try out the Betdaq betting exchange, enjoy tasty odds, delve into the Betdaq casino and explore all the varied markets on offer around the site. There’s also the option to bet on such specials as talent show such as X Factor and even political elections.

Football Betting

Everybody loves football. OK, not everyone, but what can’t be disputed (even by US sports fans) is that soccer is by some distance the most played, watched and wagered on, the beautiful game is by far the most popular sport in the world.

Since the birth of the internet, the football community has become larger and more closely knit, with fans from across the globe able to view all manner of leagues, competitions, and tournaments that used to be out of reach for even the most ardent football fan.

These days, all kinds of exotic football is available at the click of a key or a swish of a tablet. Betdaq is scone to none when it comes to the dynamic range of betting options offered on a dizzying array of football for all corners of the world.

Of course, the big European leagues and tournaments are fully covered, with the English Premier League, Spain’s La Liga, Germany’s ever stronger Bundesliga and the sleeping giant (Juventus aside) of Italy’s Serie A all covered in great depth. The Champion’s League and Europa League are also given the attention you would expect.

betdaq cash out

But while all the big boys are fully taken care of, the Betdaq football sportsbook extends far further than just the top leagues in Europe and South America. Know your way around the Indian Soccer league? Place your bets!

An expert on the ins and outs of the Polish football scene? Betdaq have you covered. Consider yourself something of an expert on Japanese, Danish or Mexican soccer? Put your money where your mouth is! Betdaq offer a refreshingly wide and incredibly deep football sportsbook that will sate even the greediest football fans.

Horse Racing

Horse racing may not consume the UK betting scene as it once did, but it remains a hugely popular sport with bettors to this day. Time was, every high street had a bookies that acted as a focal point for horse racing action of all kinds.

While many high streets still have bookmakers, the bulk of horse racing betting has migrated online, with all good bookies offering a chance to back the gee-gees in races from across the UK and Ireland as well as some of the bigger races in the calendar from around the world.

Betdaq boast a goodly range of action that will satisfy even the most ardent aficionado of the sport of kings. All of the UK and Irish race meets are covered in refreshing depth, with great betting options available on all races at up to the minute odds. That means that you are kept as close to the action as is possible and are able to place your bets on the very latest info available.

There’s also Virtual races for those who just can’t wait til the next race as well as all the exciting greyhound action from around the UK’s courses. Betdaq also feature a wealth of big race meets from around the world. And no horse racing book would be complete without a section dedicated to ante post betting.

Bet on upcoming meets days, weeks or even months before they run. The Grand National and the Cheltenham festival are the traditional meets for casual and experienced punters alike, but Flemington, Kempton and The Derby also offer very popular markets for ante post betting.

Tennis Betting

Although football and horse racing offer a huge mix of excitement, anticipation, and drama, one sport that has become increasingly popular with bettors in recent years is tennis. Combining the adrenaline rush of horse racing betting with the nail biting pressure of a football punt, tennis has exploded as a sport for bettors.

Even more so than football, tennis has benefitted hugely from the advent of the internet and the rise of dedicated sports channels. Every serve, hook, smash and slice is now available instantaneously, meaning that odds are updated after every point.

betdaq tennis offer

This means that bettors are armed with the most up to date info imaginable as they place their bets on individual games, sets or matches. As you would expect from a top line online sports bookmaker, the options available for Betdaq members when it comes to tennis betting are comprehensive.

Every hit of every ball is covered and all of the major tournaments are given their due. We all know about Wimbledon and the Australian Open, but those looking to place a bet on the If Stockholm Open, the Kremlin Cup or the Movistar Challenger Chile tournament will be happy to find that Betdaq has got their back.

We all know about Wimbledon and the Australian Open, but those looking to place a bet on the If Stockholm Open, the Kremlin Cup or the Movistar Challenger Chile tournament will be happy to find that Betdaq have got their back.

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The Betdaq Casino

Though it is rightly famed for the vast breadth and vertiginous depth of its sportsbook, Betdaq also offer member the chance to relax in the classy environs of its online casino area. Here you’ll find a bright, colourful selection of table games, slots, virtual sports, jackpots and casual games that will appeal to the seasoned casino buff and newbie alike.

It might not have quite as many games as some dedicated casino sites, but the Betdaq casino lounge is a perfect way to unwind if you’re looking for a break from all the frenetic action going on in the sportsbook. Choose from such casino classics as blackjack, three card brag and a variety of roulette options and enjoy that laid back Vegas groove as you spin and flip your way to big wins.

Slots fans are especially well looked after. All manner of styles are on offer, from basic one armed bandit titles that will be perfect for anyone looking for some fun, casual gaming to the rather cheekily titled likes of Chests of Plenty, King Colossus and Captain’s Treasure.

betdaq casino offer

There are also big name films and TV tie ins like Britain’s Got Talent, Deal or No Deal and Gladiator (“Are you entertained?!?”) for you to enjoy. There’s even an ever so slightly Beowulf tie in that will hopefully appeal to all those fans of bone-crushing Olde English mega-violence out there!

The games (even Beowulf!) are a fun alternative to all the fury going on in the sportsbook and members will be happy to learn that Betdaq offer regular promos, offers, and bonuses throughout the slots and casino area.

The Betdaq Mobile App

Remember the days when placing a bet meant going into town, slogging through the crowds/rain and struggling your way through a packed high street bookmakers in the hope you reach the cashier before your race starts or the big game kicks off? Pure torture.

Seems like something from a bygone age now that we live in the slick sphere of cyberspace. Happily, placing a bet has not only become more convenient over the last few years, it has also become an immeasurably faster.

The Betdaq mobile app is here to make it quicker and easier still! Available for both iOS and Android phones and tablets, the mobile download is super easy and so fast that you’ll be able to access all your favourite sports and get betting within minutes on your iPhone, Android device or tablet.

Check out all the new games, catch up on the results and get hold of all the red hot tips whilst out and about with this fabulous app. It also allows you to check on exchange starting price figures, keep up to date with live streaming, get your hands on Proform race guides, receive enhanced specials and play games on your mobile wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. (Or whatever you’re supposed to be going!)

Betdaq Deposit Options

Payment methodFeeMinimum Deposit
maestro card0%£10
master card1.5%£10

Betdaq Customer Support

As well as being a market leader when it comes to sports betting, Betdaq are also one of the most noted online bookies in the area of customer service. The Betdaq customer service team are on hand to help you with whatever issues or problems (hey, it happens) you might be experiencing.

Be it with any games, your account, or just with general queries about the site or gaming – Betdaq provides the support. Friendly, helpful and generous team isare available for you to speak with via a multitude of channels.

As you would hope and expect, you can, of course, get hold of the Betdaq team on the phone.

UK – 08701781021

IRELAND – 016733360

OTHER COUNTRIES – 35316733360

Another option for anyone looking for a quick, personal response to their inquiry can utilise the great live chat feature. The Betdaq live chat not only gets you back up and running, but also gives you a readout of exactly how long you’ll be waiting for an answer, so there’s no unnecessary hanging about banging away at the refresh key.

Should your inquiry not be quite so pressing, you can, of course, email your issue or query to the customer service team who will get back to you as soon as they can and have you back in business quick smart!

The Betdaq Review

The Betdaq site offers a fantastic option for bettors looking for deep markets on a wide range of sports. Punters looking for some of the best odds and a staggering depth of markets across more than a decent range of sports.

From football to Formula 1, and boxing to baseball, you can find most sports that you are looking for. All of the sports offered are covered in depth, meaning that if you are a neophyte bettor looking for top odds on a big Champions League game or a glitzy racing meet you are going to feel right at home.

If on the other hand, you are an experienced punter, you will appreciate the deep markets and the big jackpots offered in the sports pool section of the site. The site itself is clean, no frills and a joy to navigate around.

betdaq navigation menu

There are no annoying pop ups to distract your from the matter at hand, meaning you can concentrate on finding the best odds and the right market for the sport you’re looking for.

There are of course a couple of other big players on the market when it comes to exchange betting, so if you want to know more you can read our reviews on two of Betdaq’s competitors, Matchbook and Betfair.

If you are already convinced that Betdaq are the right bookmaker for you then don’t forget about that fabulous signup up offer that gives new customers a great bonus when signing up on the Betdaq site.

Simply enter the Betdaq Promotions Code into the ‘Promo Code’ field during your registration process and you’ll receive a handy £30 bet to use on whatever sport takes your fancy. Sign up today and you could already be on your way to big, big winnings.

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