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April 2019 | Commercial Content | 18+ | T&Cs apply
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betdaq promo code
Up To A £1000 Cash-Back
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Key Terms & Conditions

This offer is only available to newly registered customers who don't have an existing account. New customers signing up with the Betdaq promo code will receive a rebate of any commission paid in their first 30 days at the end of this period. This rebate will be to a maximum of £/€/$1,000. T&Cs apply

Betdaq Promo Code 2019

With the Betdaq Promo Code, receive your first month’s commission back as a cash-back of up to £1000! T&Cs apply. You need to register a new account, enter the promo code into your registration form and you will receive a rebate on any commission paid in the first 30 days. Full terms and conditions can be found on the offer page and note that this offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. You need to be a new customer aged over 18.

Betdaq Promotion Code

The Betdaq Promo Code triggers the Betdaq New Customer offer: get up to a £1000 cash-back.

Promotion OverviewDescription
Betdaq Promo CodeGet The Promo Code
Promotion OfferUp to a £1000 Cash-Back
New Customer RequirementYes
Minimum Age18
Duration30 days
Terms & ConditionsFull T&Cs
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    Signing up with Betdaq couldn’t be easier. To qualify for the promotion, new customers need to quote the Betdaq Promo Code when they register their account.

    It’s a good way to start your membership.

    You need to register your new account with Betdaq before being able to trigger the offer. Get hold of the Betdaq Promo Code to trigger the offer. Then simply follow these few steps:

    1. Steer your way over to the Betdaq main page at via
    2. To start the registration process, just click on the ‘Join’ button in the top right corner of your screen and you’ll be pinged to the dedicated registration page.
    3. Enter all the relevant personal info required to open your new Betdaq account. Input your full name and address, contact phone number, and an active email account where Betdaq can reach you. You will also be asked to choose a username and a password.
    4. Lastly, input the Betdaq Promo Code that gives all newly registering customers a great offer. Simply enter the Betdaq Promo Code into the field that asks for a promo code. You’ll be able to take advantage of this welcome bonus.

    Betdaq UK

    Betdaq UK offers members an enviable amount of choice of sports, markets and odds options. It also gives customers regular chances to enjoy all bonuses, promos and offers that pop up with agreeable regularity.

    There’s also a betting exchange facility for punters who prefer to bet in this way. All of the big sport’s beloved by UK bettors are present and correct. It further comprises emerging betting sports like Mixed Martial Arts and Virtual Sports. While maybe not as comprehensive as some other site – fans of floorball or futsal will need to get their fix elsewhere – the Betdaq sportsbook bows to none when it comes to the variety of markets that are available on the range of sports it does cover.

    As well as the big four UK betting sports: football, horse racing, cricket and tennis; Betdaq members will find a huge array of markets available on sports. They are as diverse as darts, baseball and Formula 1. Other sports that are covered in the very great depth range from golf, greyhound racing and boxing to cricket, rugby union and gridiron.

    Customers can also find a wide variety of punts available on ice hockey, boxing as well as Virtual sports. Betdaq pride themselves on the depth and breadth of its renowned sportsbook.

    Try out the Betdaq betting exchange, enjoy fair odds, delve into the Betdaq casino and explore all the varied markets on offer around the site. There’s also the option to bet on such specials as talent show such as X Factor and even political elections.

    Betdaq Commission

    Commission is paid by punters based on their net winnings in a market. No commission is payable where the punter makes a net loss on a market. Betdaq charges a flat 2% commission fee to customers on all Exchange Net Market Winnings. It is their normal commission rate. With the Betdaq Promo Code and the welcome offer, you can get up to a £1000 cash-back on commissions paid during your first month (T&Cs apply).

    Betdaq App

    Remember the days when placing a bet meant going into town, slogging through the crowds and struggling your way through a packed high street bookmakers in the hope you reach the cashier before your race starts?

    Seems like something from a bygone age now that we live in the slick sphere of cyberspace. Pacing a bet has become more convenient over the last few years.

    The Betdaq mobile app is here! Available for both iOS and Android phones and tablets, the mobile download is super easy and fast!

    Check out all the new games! Catch up on the results! It allows you to check on exchange starting price figures, keep up to date with live streaming, get your hands on Proform race guides, receive enhanced specials and play games on your mobile wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

    Betdaq Live Chat

    As well as being a market leader when it comes to sports betting, Betdaq are also one of the most noted online bookies in the area of customer service. The Betdaq customer service team are on hand to help you with whatever issues or problems you might be experiencing.

    Be it with any games, your account, or just with general queries about the site or gaming: Betdaq provides the support. Friendly, helpful and generous teams are available for you to speak with via a multitude of channels.

    As you would hope and expect, you can, of course, get hold of the Betdaq team on the phone.

    UK – 08701781021

    Another option for anyone looking for a quick, personal response to their inquiry can utilise the great live chat feature. The Betdaq live chat not only gets you back up and running, but also gives you a readout of exactly how long you’ll be waiting for an answer. There’s no unnecessary hanging about banging away at the refresh key.

    Should your inquiry not be quite so pressing, you can email your issue or query to the customer service team. They will get back to you as soon as they can and have you back in business quick smart!


    Betdaq vs Betfair

    The Betdaq site offers a fantastic option for bettors looking for deep markets on a wide range of sports. Punters looking for some of the best odds and a staggering depth of markets across more than a decent range of sports.

    From football to Formula 1, and boxing to baseball, you can find most sports that you are looking for. Betdaq covers all the sports in depth. It means that if you are a neophyte bettor looking for top odds on a big Champions League game or a glitzy racing meet, you will feel right at home.

    If on the other hand, if you are an experienced punter, you will appreciate the deep markets. The site itself is clean, no frills and a joy to navigate around.

    There are no annoying pop ups to distract your from the matter at hand, meaning you can concentrate on finding the best odds and the right market.

    There are of course a couple of other big players on the market when it comes to exchange betting, so if you want to know more you can read our reviews on two of Betdaq’s competitors: Matchbook and Betfair.

    If you are already convinced that Betdaq are the right bookmaker for you then don’t forget about that signup up offer you activate with the Betdaq Promo Code.

    Simply enter the Betdaq Promo Code into the ‘Promo Code’ field during your registration process. You’ll receive up to a £1000 Cash Back.

    Our star ratings are based on our opinion of the bookmakers we work with. Furthermore, we also take customer feedback into account.